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Map: Keewaydin canoe routes to Rupert River

Keewaydin Expeditions  

All routes were portions of Keewaydin expeditions.

Route Summaries (for routes shown)

Oskelaneo Route: Indepth

Rupert via Broadback River 1962: Chensagi Lake - up Chensagi River - Lac de la Hauteur des Terres - Poncheville Lake - Opatawaga Lake - Quenomisca Lake - Broadback River - Lake Evans - Broadback River - Gifford Lake - Lake Wettigo - Némiscau Lake - Nemiscau Post

Lemare River 1970:  Rupert River - up Lemare River - Lake Lemare - Lac Des Champs - up Lemare River - Lake Nasacauso - Eastmain River

Down Tichegami River 1972:  Lake Baudeau - Tichegami River - Eastmain River

Up Tichegami River 1973:  Lake Baudeau - up Tichegami River - up north branch Tichegami River - Ile Bohier on Eastmain River - Eastmain River - Hecla Lake - Eastmain River - Lake Nasacauso

Sources: Keewaydin Archives, Dan Carpenter Jr., The Keewaydin Way by Brian Back 

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