Washagami River delta at the north end of Spruce Lake.


Sketches: Jon Berger

Photos: Tom Terry

River exit at the south end of Spruce Lake.

 Jesse holding two brook trout caught in the river below Spruce Lake.

The river passes through narrow and shallow channels to Moss Lake and follows a similar pattern through Spruce and Pine Lakes. There are many shallow rapids in the river channels and the best ground for camping and stopping is on sand points found near the river mouths of the several lakes.

                         Jon Berger


Jon's Secret Hair Tonic for Real Men

On the second night out we decided to stop at a small rapids and try our luck fishing. Jesse hopped out of his canoe and made a couple of casts as the rest of us began unloading and checking out the campsites. I saw the rod bend like crazy on the second or third cast. Everyone got all excited and went over to see what Jesse was bringing in.

Jon simply freaked when he saw the size of the speckled trout. He went running back to the campsite yelling, ďDonít touch it, donít touch it ... it will just slip out of your hands ... just hold it tight on the line...this is the biggest trout Iíve ever seen ..." etc...etc. And Jon has done a lot of trout fishing in his time!!

Jon comes running back with his felt hat. Using it to make sure the fish didnít slip away, he grabs the fish in an iron grip. The hat became totally soaked with trout slim. The rest of us stood by and watched this spectacle, not knowing what to think.

After making sure the fish was dead and after all the excitement died away, there was Jon's slimy hat. We just started laughing.

Jesseís next couple of casts brought in an even bigger fish, but this time Jesse simply landed it on the shore without all the fuss of trying to hold onto it with someoneís hat.

Jon proceeded to wash his hat, but for the rest of the trip the fish smell stayed in it. Maybe that is why the blackflies loved to attack him so much.

    Brian Beaton

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