Map: bear encounters around Diamond Lake, 2001



Encounters - 2001 

(shown on map and listed below)

There is an aggressive bear(s) on Diamond Lake.  Here are five confirmed encounters. 


1 2nd week July  Camp Wanapitei Bear came onto campsite while occupied. Loud noise scared off bear.
2 2nd week July Camp Wabun Wabun trip observed other campers who had a bear on campsite going through packs. It couldn't be scared off.
3 3rd week July Project C.A.N.O.E. Bear came down trail while eating lunch and went for food barrels. Canoeists retreated and it was gone when they returned.
4 3rd week July Project C.A.N.O.E.

Bear was going through unattended packs on Diamond shore. Loud noise did not frighten it. Bear left 20 minutes later. 

5 September 8 Two kayakers Bear attacked tent with Jeff Sobie inside. Screaming did not deter bear. Growling, it ripped open the tent. A second kayaker's screaming behind the bear stopped the attack, but the bear did not leave campsite. Terrified, the uninjured kayakers left the campsite in the dark. FULL ACCOUNT
Photo: bear-advice sign posted by MNR

MNR Parks Branch has posted this sign on the central campsites on Diamond Lake, Sharp Rock Portage and the Wakimika portages.


There have only been two other nuisance bears in the backcountry in the last 30 years. 

Hobart Bear The notorious Hobart Lake bear terrorized campers on Hobart Lake, at the base of Maple Mountain, from 1975 to 1980. The lower-east campsite actually had "Beware Bear" scratched on the rock.

Sand Island Bear A sow and cub staked out the northern campsite on the Sand Islands on Lady Evelyn Lake, just south of Redpine Point. They were only there in 1999.

Bear Removal   The Ministry will attempt to remove a bear when it becomes aggressive. But removal is no easy matter. This is the backcountry. Here a bear cannot be trapped, only shot. And how does the MNR find the right bear. "It's not wearing a name tag," says Temagami Parks superintendent John Salo.


You can help by:

1. Reporting encounters to MNR at 705-475-5550 

2. Adding a message to the discussion board here.

Diamond Lake Bear Warning - 2001

Guides' Report - 2001

July 28, 2001 Bear Advisory - Upgraded to Warning

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