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  REGION MAP:  Misabi Range

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One of the least-known and most beautiful areas of Temagami lies in the Misabi family's traditional territory. Garrett Kephart, a Keewaydin guide, described the Pinetorch section (Wakimika to Pine) like being in the mountains. Paul Chivers said of Chapin Lake, "Feels like you're on top of the world up there."

  BACKGROUND:  Nastawgan

The busiest route in the Range is the Florence-Yorston River section, and the portages are well worn, though lightly travelled compared to routes around Lake Temagami. Mudchannel often has moose. Those who know about Talking Falls Lagoon and campsite, like the residents of Shangri-la, don't talk about it for fear of spoiling paradise. The first portage south of Bluesucker Lake 230-metre trail has obscured landings, but it is there. This section connects to the Sturgeon River via either Yorston River, Yorston Lake or Solace Lake.

The Wakimika-Mudchannel section and the Ames section are lightly used each season so the portage trails are smaller and more challenging to find and follow. The Pinetorch Creek lakes are uphill from Wakimika, so it is easier taking that section from west to east. Moose, bald eagles and fascinating wetland plants are found in Pine Lake. The Ames portages have boggy sections. The solitude and stunning wilderness of both these routes are worth the challenge.

Portages between Wakimika and Dorothy lakes were cleared in fall, 2002, and the Nasmith-Chapin portage in May, 2003, by Jay Morrison and Tom Angelakis of Save Wilderness Canoeing.

Over the next five years if Ontario's plans are approved, which will likely happen if there is no strong public objection this area will be the focus of logging and logging-road expansion: along the Red Squirrel Road extension on the north boundary of the Pinetorch Conservation Reserve; south of Hortense and adjoining Wakimika Lake; and around Bluesucker and Mudchannel lakes and the Yorston River, effectively ending it as a roadless wilderness.


Misabi Lake Canoe Route map


Lighter shades represent higher elevations.

Dark blue - Yorston River  watershed.









Misabi Lake Canoe Route elevation map

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