LAKE TEMAGAMI ATLAS    Devil's Mountain (Draft)                                         UPDATED 8.10.05

Temagami Atlas: Devil's Mtn.

Keewaydin Camp  Keewaydin, a youth canoe-trip camp, has been on Devil's Island since 1904. Some of the oldest buildings on the lake are there. The oldest building is the icehouse, which dates to 1905. The outfitting store is pictured at left.

Keewaydin has operated in Temagami since 1902 and is the oldest non-government, non-native institution on the lake. It is also the oldest commercial canoe-trip operator in the world. It continues to use wood-canvas canoes, wannigans, tumplines and reflector ovens.

Devil's Mountain Lookout  A short trail from Angus Point (shown on the Raccoon map) leads to a lookout that is about 250 feet above the lake. It offers a breathtaking view from the edge of a cliff to the north and west. On a clear day Maple Mountain can be seen.

Kokomis Island and the Devil  Kokomis Island, Granny Bay and Island and Devil's Mountain and Bay are all features associated with a native legend that ties into the treacherous water conditions that can appear here.

Sealrock Point

Legend  According to Teme-Augama lore, a baby was taken from an island by a manitou (magic) seal. The child's father was also a manitou. He chased the seal and came to a large rock that the seal had entered. With his chisel he split the rock open, but the seal escaped.* The crack can be seen at the end of the point.

First name Prior to 1950, the point was widely known as Squirrel's Point. Then, inexplicably it moved due east on government-printed maps to a point on the opposite shore.

Ojibway Lodge  This guest lodge, operated by Keewaydin, has a small store that is open during the summer. The Keewaydin Cookbook, offering recipes for canoeists, can be purchased here. Ojibway and Keewaydin serve as the social center for islanders in the area, many of whom are former guests of Ojibway or former campers and staff of Keewaydin. 

* From Myths and Folk-lore of the Timiskaming Algonquin and Timagami Ojibwa by F.G. Speck, 1915.

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