LAKE TEMAGAMI ATLAS    Ferguson Bay (Draft)                                            UPDATED 03.11.2011

Lake Temagami Atlas: Ferguson Bay

Abandoned Mine  Although long-known, the copper deposit was only worked in the late 50s, 60s and 70s. A tiny cabin remains. Above the cabin is the small, open copper pit. A winter road was constructed to it in 1957 from Sandy Inlet via Coppersand Lake, and now functions as a hiking trail.

Brown's Lake and Island Named for Peter Brown, former head guide at Keewaydin. The lake was originally called Two Loon. Brown was a Dumoine Algonquin who married Caroline McLean of the Temagami First Nation. They built their home on Brown's Island in the early 1930s. Brown's name can be found carved into rocks around the Temagami region.

Ferguson Trail  This hiking trail was co-operatively constructed in the early 90's as part of an extensive trail system envisioned by Hap Wilson and Brian Back for the Temagami backcountry. The Ferguson extends between the Red Squirrel Road to the Kokoko portage on Upper Kokoko Bay.

Miner's Road  An abandoned road built in 1970 to access the copper deposit near Coppersand Lake. 

Mt. Ferguson  Lands and Forests formerly had a manned fire tower on top. The tower was taken out of use in 1966 and removed about 1975.  Peter A. Ferguson, for whom the mountain and bay are named, was a Mattawa prospector who staked gold on the mountain in the 1880s. He is also the namesake for Ferguson Island and Ferguson Point. 

Roko Landing Road  The road was constructed along with the Johns-Manville Road and Kokoko Sideroad in 1965. Any red and white pine on Johns-Manville limits, north of Sandy Inlet, was taken by the Kokoko sideroad to Roko Landing in the late 60s. From here Milne Lumber boomed the logs to the Turtle Lake jack ladder and floated them to its sawmill near the town of Temagami.

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