LAKE TEMAGAMI ATLAS    Sharp Rock Inlet (Draft)                        UPDATED: 8.19.21

Lake Temagami Atlas: Sharp Rock map

Sharp Rock Portage The busiest portage in Temagami.  Diamond Lake can be seen in the background. There are two short portage trails: one to the east (its path is behind the trees on the right and indicated by the red dashes) and one to the west (the Diamond takeout is indicated by the red line on the left). The western route follows an open rocky course and is the more difficult of the two.

Sharp Rock Jack Ladder  In the 1940s and 1950s logging took place on Diamond Lake. Logs were lifted to Lake Temagami on a jack ladder at the Sharp Rock Portage. The logs were then boomed across Lake Temagami to another jack ladder at Turtle Lake. This 1980s photo shows remnants of the jack ladder, which is gone today.

                                               PHOTO: EARTHROOTS

Sharp Rock Portage and the old jack ladder

First Blockade On June 1, 1988, the Teme-Augama Anishnabai blockaded (photo on left) the Red Squirrel Road where it crosses Sharp Rock Portage. This blockade, prior to construction of the extension, lasted for the summer.



Red Squirrel Road gate There had been a logging access point into Lake Temagami, about 100 yards from the gate, intended to halt public access. However, the gate was illegally circumvented, in part to get to Lake Temagami. After years of public outcry, the gate was moved east to its current location at Eagle Creek, near Sandy Inlet. It is closed April 15 to November 15.

Lady Evelyn Hotel The Lady Evelyn Hotel operated from August 1906 until it was destroyed by fire July, 1912. It was built by the founder of Temagami village, Dan O'Connor, who also built the Ronnoco Hotel in the village and Temagami Inn on Temagami Island. Rusted plumbing and bathtubs can still be seen on the site.




Lady Evelyn Hotel,

circa 1910.

Photo: TLA Archives

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