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the best crapper ever

Posted: April 19, 2005

On July 30, 2004, the MacCowPie Crapper Company installed a prototype of its top-of-the-line, state-of-the-art privy, outhouse, backhouse, biffy, thunderbox, kaibo, deluxe dumpster, on Fire Ranger Point on Obabika Lake.

"This is a new generation in high-end, field-servicable, drop-and-go facilities," said company president Ed Macpherson. "The market has never seen anything like it."

Photo: Kim Cowan inspecting the Deluxe model at Ranger Point on Obabika Lake, March 25, 2005

Kim Cowan inspecting the Deluxe model at Ranger Point on Obabika Lake, March 25, 2005.

The rot-resistant unit comes standard with arm rests, rain cover, solar-powered night light with reflectors and CSA-approved seat and lid.

The Ranger Point installation was equipped with the Bare Bottom options package: waterproof bucket that contains guest log, pencils, magazines rated G , waterproof matches, emergency blanket, assorted nuts, bolts and screws, toilet paper and hand sanitizer.

The company was a spinoff from the market-leading thunderbox partnership of Alex Broadbent and Chris Melanson.

The weight of snow had toppled the roof, but company officials report that it will be repaired and operating to manufacturer's specs by early summer.

Photo: Crapper prototype at the lab before installation

The prototype at the lab before installation.


Photos courtesy of MacCowPie Crapper Company.

The drum was cut from a barrel that contained bubble-gum extract. "It doesn't smell like bubble gum now!" said designer and field-service technician Kim Cowan who recently undertook a field trip.

A guest log was left by the builders. Below is a sample of comments retrieved during the winter inspection.


"...solar-powered light to guide you to the woods when nature calls at two a.m. very, very cool! And take note of the beautifully crafted magazine holder complete with a variety of reading material for the camper who may require an extended visit. We enjoyed a most comfortable shit!"

Lynne and Bruce Roblin, Acton, Ontario, 

       Aug 3

"This was the best crapper in the world.

Aug. 22, unsigned

"What a pleasure to have such a nice thunderbox. Discreet, clean and luxurious."

Judith at Northwaters, Montreal, Quebec,

       Sept. something

"Five days in as if I know the date. On our stay here we found the most beautiful of all privies. I am compelled to leave my token appreciation inside of it."

Sheila, London, Ontario, Aug something


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