Freeze-up Watch 2009-10 (false colour) -

January 13-20

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Satellite image of ice freeze-up on Lake Temagami, 2009-10

Posted Wed Jan 20, 2010                   Photo: NASA/NOAA

JANUARY 20, 2010

Whole view of freeze-up on Lake Temagami

The first satellite image showing complete freeze-up. Dropping temperatures are increasing ice thickness.

Most of Lake Timiskaming and virtually of Lake Wanapitei are frozen.


           Recent freeze-up dates


JANUARY 18, 2010

Freeze-up? Yes. Travel safe? No.

Lake Temagami likely froze over on January 13, but the weather did not finish the job, and ice travel remains unsafe.

Temperatures rose and have hovered near the freezing point during the day, inhibiting fast buildup of ice.  There is no slush, but some water along the shores.

The Temagami First Nation still has only a snowmobile trail to Bear Island on ten inches of ice. Public works manager Doug McKenzie says they remain cautious as they work toward an ice road for vehicles.

Many other areas of the lake do not have as much ice, and some narrows remains dangerous. There has been no snow, and there appears to have been no travel anty distance up the North or Northwest arms.

The rare oscillations that swept the lake over the past weeks are gone. They were brought on by wind on large open-water areas, and weakened previously solid ice. Three residents went through the ice.

We have not been able to confirm freeze-up because travel is limited to the central lake and clouds have blocked satellite cameras. However, we estimate January 13, the same day Lake Kipawa to the east froze over.

This winter has been unusual. Elder Mary Katt, 76, of the Teme-Augama Anishnabai grew up on her family territory and recalls you could always count on solid ice by late December.

"My husband used to come out 20 miles on the ice from Diamond Lake around the twenty-first [of December], sell some furs, pick up all the COD gift parcels, and he'd be back for Christmas." 


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