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June 25, 2002

Northerners want Temagami protected, poll says

A poll reveals 93 per cent of Northern Ontarians support protecting Temagami's wilderness. It also reveals that 86 per cent of Northern Ontarians support protection of Ontario's old-growth forests.

Poll results for all of Ontario are little higher, indicating 97 per cent support Temagami wilderness protection and 96 per cent support protection of Ontario's old-growth forests.

The poll was conducted by Oraclepoll Research of Sudbury for environment group Earthroots.

Photo: Elder Larry McLeod prepares cedar, sage, sweet grass and tobacco for ceremony, Obabika Lake, 2002

June 24, 2002

Elder prepares for prayer near Sacred Rock

Elder Larry McLeod prepares cedar, sage, sweet grass and tobacco for ceremony. Left to right: Larry McLeod, Bernadette Cote, Little Bear McLeod.


Photo: Brian Back

June 24, 2002

Aboriginal ceremonies held to save sacred site

Aboriginal ceremonies were held over the weekend near the Spirit Rock to pray for its protection from logging. The Ontario government has approved logging in the old-growth forest within the sacred grounds of the site for this fall. 

The ancient sacred site north of Obabika Lake has been used by native worshippers for thousands of years, but has attracted growing numbers of Native Canadians in the last several years, who are returning to their religious roots and traditions. 

Elder Larry McLeod of Nipissing First Nation led ceremonies timed to the changing of the seasons from spring to summer, including Sunrise, Water and the Healing Circle ceremonies. 


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Photo: camouflaged houseboat on Lake Temagami, 2002

June 14, 2002

Captain Nemo seen on lake

Recently spotted prowling Lake Temagami, trying to blend in. Has Temagami Tim been reincarnated? 

Photo: Ted Krofchak

June 13, 2002

Changing of the Seasons Celebration

Alex Mathias will be hosting the Changing of the Seasons Celebration with First Nation dancing, drumming, story telling and traditional foods. The celebration will take place on the ancestral Misabi land at the north end of Obabika Lake on the summer solstice, June 21-24.

Alex has made the invitation public. Those attending will provide their own food, transportation and camping equipment. 


  Help getting there

For more information, contact obabikalake@hotmail.com.

June 7, 2002

Illegal clear-cutting  in Temagami

Illegal clear-cutting is rampant, say environment groups. Ontario's Environment Commissioner has been asked by two environment groups to investigate.

Sierra Legal Defence Fund and Earthroots cite a 1994 Environmental Assessment Board order prohibiting clear-cuts larger than 260 hectares. Despite the legally-binding order on MNR, the total clear-cuts above this size in Temagami is 5,141 hectares - an area larger than 8,500 football fields. F U L L   S T O R Y

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June 1, 2002

Group pushing replica mounts to save fishery

With the average weight of a fish caught on Lake Temagami down to two pounds, the Lake Temagami Stewardship Council is encouraging anglers to catch and release. The group is distributing stick-on rulers that say, “Consider a replica mount of your trophy.” 

“We want people to think about a replica mount instead of a skin mount,” says Gaye Smith of the Stewardship Council. 

Replica mounts are made of Fiberglass. With the fish weight and length, and a photo, a mount can be made that can last up to ten times longer than an actual mount of the fish. “And look better,” says Smith. “Those big trophy fish don’t usually taste so good anyway.”


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