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MAY 30, 2003

Pinetorch route gets more portage clearing

Intrepid portage steward Jay Morrison was at it again, clearing the 1,450-meter (1,600-yard) portage west of Nasmith Creek into Chapin Lake.

Single-chainsawedly, he removed over 50 deadfalls, most of which had fallen in the last five years. Portages in the region took a big hit during a storm in July, 1999.

Last fall Morrison, as part of a Save Wilderness Canoeing (SWC) project, cleared the portages from Wakimika Lake to Nasmith Creek.

On May 7, he beat the blackflies but not the black bears, one of which visited his camp. "He took off as soon as I spoke to him," Morrison said.

MAY 28, 2003

Save Wilderness Canoeing fights for canoe routes

Save Wilderness Canoeing (SWC) is gearing up to protect remote canoe routes and has launched a membership drive.

The threat to wilderness canoeing is grave. In Ontario alone 1,700 kilometres of logging roads are built each year.

The group's primary goal is to lobby governments to recognize and protect canoe routes in remote areas. Canoe routes in the heart of Temagami are already recognized, but many routes in outlying portions of Temagami aren't, such as Chiniguchi and Shining Tree. But recognition, wherever, is insufficient, given the recent logging of the Aston-Eagle nastawgan (as reported here on April 6).

Last fall, two members of the group cleared the portages between Wakimika Lake and Nasmith Creek (as reported here on October 1).

This is the only group dedicated to wilderness-canoe-route protection.

 WEBSITE:  Save Wilderness Canoeing

The Canadian Canoe Routes (not to be confused with SWC) website has provided an easy online membership signup:   Join SWC

MAY 26, 2003

Unprotected areas vulnerable to logging, says Northwatch

"Significant wilderness areas and old-growth forests are outside of the parks and protected-areas system, and are vulnerable to logging operations," environment group Northwatch said, in expressing concern with the logging plan proposed for Temagami.

Ontario is creating a new logging plan for 2004 to 2009. Northwatch made these criticisms:


74 kilometres of new roads


10,042 hectares of clear-cuts an area larger than 17,000 football fields

Logging in roadless wildlands including Spirit Forest, Muskego Wildlands

Logging near the shoreline of Lake Timiskaming including Beaver Mountain and Copper Lake areas


Cutting old forest to create a younger forest

Deadline Today

Although the public can make comments at any time until the plan is completed in late 2003, the deadline for comments on the second draft of the timber plan is today.

Northwatch is calling on the public to express its concern to:

Kevin Rankin

Ministry of Natural Resources

3301 Trout Lake Rd

North Bay, Ontario P1A 4L7

Voice: 705-475-5524

Fax: 705-475-5500

WEBSITE: Northwatch's Temagami forest management

BACKGROUND: Preliminary logging plan

MAY 25, 2003

Blackflies out in force

It's blackfly season on Temagami!

MAY 23, 2003

Clear-cuts seen from space

   SATELLITE PHOTO:  Clear-cuts visible from space

MAY 22, 2003

Hap's book postponed to fall

The silver anniversary edition of Hap Wilson's Temagami Canoes Routes will be released in the fall. The book had been scheduled to be out before summer.

The expanded edition will have new canoe routes, including the Wanapitei River and detailed maps of rapids on all rivers. It will also contain kayak routes, 40 high-point lookouts, and hiking trails. The maps will be rendered in a new style, a departure from his pen-and-ink art.

His earlier canoe-route guides Missinaibi, Rivers of the Upper Ottawa Valley and Wilderness Rivers of Manitoba are out of print, but a limited quantity are available directly from Hap or Temagami Outfitting.


             Hap Wilson -

             Temagami Outfitting -


Map: closed campsites at the Dunes on Lady Evelyn Lake, 2003

MAY 21, 2003

Dune campsites closed

Lady Evelyn Lake's four dune campsites have been closed by MNR to protect the unique natural feature.

Erosion has been accelerated from the loss of vegetation cut by campers and soil compaction around roots, and from soil disturbance from the presence of people.

Wave action is causing erosion to all of the flooded dunes, but MNR reports that erosion is worse at the campsites. Damming of Lady Evelyn Lake around 1916, first flooded portions of the dunes.

The Lady Evelyn Dune Complex is a series of narrow, parallel, sand-and-gravel dunes created after the Ice Age by wind. The dunes have been mistaken for eskers. Eskers are created by glacial rivers, while dunes are created by wind erosion.

The dunes are in the East Lady Evelyn Lake Conservation Reserve.

Update May 26


MAY 8, 2003

Lake Temagami is ice free

Bob Farr reports that the last ice is gone on Lake Temagami, the holdout lake, as of yesterday.

MAY 7, 2003

Today from space

   SATELLITE PHOTO:  Temagami and region at noon

MAY 6, 2003

Obabika iceout

The ice on Lake Obabika went out on Sunday evening, Alex Mathias reports. The water is low due to the lack of snow this winter.

MAY 6, 2003

Fire danger rises

The fire-hazard warning issued by MNR has been raised to an average Medium-High for the three fire-management regions across Temagami.

Below-normal snowfall this winter has left the ground drier than normal. Also the pre-greenup period, before the leaves come out and the understory comes in, is traditionally one of the highest-risk periods.

Scattered fires have been reported, and extinguished, across the top of the Great Lakes in northern Ontario.

Watch the fire-hazard alert on the Temagami main page for the current status throughout the season.

Satellite image: ice break-up, Temagami, 2003

May 3          Photo: NASA/NOAA

MAY 5, 2003

Breakup spreads

This satellite photo from late Saturday shows most lakes are now clear of ice. Lake Temagami, due to its depth, remains covered longer. The white is ice and snow on the South and North arms and the Hub.

The light brown area between lakes Obabika and Temagami is the area of the 1977 fire, which has a deciduous forest.

  Regional photo


Satellite image: ice break-up, Temagami, 2003

April 30                         Photo: NASA/NOAA

MAY 3, 2003

Rapid melting going on

This satellite photo shows how much ice was still on the lakes on April 30, though considerable melting has occurred since.

"The picture appears hazy due to high, thin, cirrus cloud cover," Allan Eustis of NOAA reports. "The clouds stretching from west to east across the image are associated with the jet stream."

Photo: ice break-up, Lake Temagami, 2003

Cattle Island, Lake Temagami, April 30, 6 p.m. looking east toward Camp Pinto.                        

Photo: Bob Farr

MAY 1, 2003

Ice on the move

This photo shows how much the lake has opened along the shoreline here. The ice moved with a strong southwest wind late this morning five metres at the most, before stopping and piled up a bit on the south shore of some islands.

With warmer temperatures forecast into the weekend my best guess is that the ice will be cleared from most of the lake on or about the 8th of May. It should snow and turn cold again shortly after that!

Bob Farr

Bob lives on Cattle Island

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