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APRIL 27, 2008

Ice-out today!

Late today Glen Toogood declared ice-out after it broke up in the North Arm of Lake Temagami marking the end to the 2008 break-up.

And it came fast with sudden large water openings yesterday after relentless days of high temperatures without freezing nights that began April 15.

Last year the ice went out on the same date.

Toogood is Ottertooth's official break-up observer. Once Lake Temagami is fully open, as one of the deepest lakes in the area, virtually everything else is already. The North Arm, north of Toogood on Garden Island, is one of the last big areas of the lake to go. Once he declares it open, we call it break-up.

Due to clouds, there is no clear satellite photo available.

 BACKGROUND:  List of break-up dates

Photo: ice-out on Lake Temagami, 2008

                                                                                                     GLEN TOOGOOD

This morning, off the north side of Garden Island on Lake Temagami, before the ice went out. Camp Wabun's dock is in the foreground.



                                              Ice-out imminent

                                        Photos by Gerry Gooderham

Photo: boat in imminent ice-out on Lake Temagami, 2008
Photo: loon in ice opening on Lake Temagami, 2008

APRIL 26, 2008

Gerry Gooderham's Saturday on Lake Temagami:

"I put the boat in Saturday morning and boated as far as Wabikon. There was a fair amount of ice and I was unable to get to the landing. I tried going back towards Temagami Lodge route, but it was blocked even more. By 3:30 the rain and winds had really moved things around." 

"Ivor and I headed out to the Lodge and found the traveling very easy most of the ice had blown out: from Temagami Lodge to the landing was wide open and we were able to pick up Sue no problem. She went out on Monday by snow machine and in Saturday by boat!! Here are some pictures of the last day."

"I suspect with these winds there will be no ice by Sunday... another quick breakup."


APRIL 24, 2008

Small lakes open

The first good satellite image in a week reveals the small lakes at the same latitude as Lake Temagami are open.



Photo: snowmachine in slush on Lake Temagami, 2008

Photo: ice-out on Lake Temagami, 2008

  Photo: first spring flower bloom, Temagami, 2008

APRIL 22, 2008

Ice travel ends for the sane

With a high of 22 C and no winds, it was another beautiful day. The forecast is for rain tomorrow and no chance of frost, so Gerry Gooderham of Ogama Island took his thousand-pound sled (local for snowmachine) off the ice.

His neighbour, Ivor Jones (top), took one last afternoon run before pulling in his own sled.

While the warmth chased back the ice, it brought forth the first bloom.

"Officially there are no snowmachines on the lake," wrote Gerry Gooderham in an e-mail. "At least not with sane people!"



Photo: golfing on ice on Lake Temagami, 2008

APRIL 21, 2008

Sillies come out as break-up nears

The Gooderham family (above and below) is out this morning for the second annual Temagami Open near their home in the Hub of Lake Temagami.

There is about 16 inches of candled ice and much of the lake cover has pulled away from the shoreline. The temperature hit 25 C.

Sharon Jones (above) and Sue Gooderham (below) are working out the kinks in their strokes. Round two on Wednesday with Jones leading. Membership in the club is free, but if you lose a ball in a hole it's a $100 a ball!


Photo: golfing on ice on Lake Temagami, 2008

APRIL 17, 2008

Big heat, big melt

Yesterday the temperature jumped to 15 C, and did not drop below freezing overnight for the first time.

The snow melt on the ice was dramatic as the dark blue of the satellite image indicates, and thinning has progressed.

At this time of the year, interpreting the image can be tricky. It helps to compare with the true-colour image below. Only Lake Nipissing shows more small open water, and that is negligible.


APRIL 15, 2008

First signs of ice-out

This satellite photo reveals the first signs of spring in the open water on Lake Timiskaming, Lake Nipissing, and the Temagami River.

Daytime temperatures have been above freezing since March 30, but the melt has been countered by nightly dips below freezing.

Break-up over the last eight years has swung between April 22 and May 5.


Photo:  icebound navigation buoy off Island 49, Northeast Arm of Lake Temagami

APRIL 1, 2008

Boy o' buoy by Andy Stevens

Andy's son Graeme on the icebound navigation buoy off Island 49, Northeast Arm of Lake Temagami. Taken on Easter weekend, the snow on the lake was "hard as concrete," making it one endless sidewalk.


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