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JANUARY 31, 2011

Snowplow heads home

The snowplow has avoided the underwater hydro cable and travelled half the distance to shore. It should be out of the lake within days.

JANUARY 26, 2011

Salvage takes tentative steps

Today George and Tom Mathias began salvaging the snowplow, however, the underwater hydro cable to Bear Island stopped progress.

They had hoped to pull the truck to the nearby sand beach, but the cable lies along that path. They did manage to move the truck about 30 feet before it lodged on a boulder.  

JANUARY 24, 2011

Snowplow salvage imminent

George Mathias Construction of Bear Island has been contracted to salvage the Temagami First Nation's diesel snowplow from Lake Temagami.

Under Ontario's Environmental Protection Act the TFN would be liable for any pollution, so it is acting quickly to prevent it.

George Mathias has years of experience at lake salvage.

The plow sank on Friday after a front wheel hit a section of ice only eight inches thick. There was 16 inches under the rear. The plow made several passes before breaking through the ghost ice.

Public Works manager Doug McKenzie hopes the truck can be repaired and put back into service.

The video (below) of the Titanic going down has gone viral within the Temagami communities, near and far. McKenzie confessed not seeing it: something about a front-row seat.


JANUARY 22, 2011

Snowplow through ice

The TFN's snowplow is on the bottom of the lake. Yesterday, the truck was on a secondary drive off the main ice road and a front wheel went through.

As a crew was pulling the five-ton vehicle onto the ice it broke through and sank in about 40 feet of water. Everyone was clear during the incident off Cemetery Point.

The main ice road between Lake Temagami Access Road and Bear Island remains open on a base of at least ten inches of ice.

    Video shot by Louis LeFrancois.

JANUARY 20, 2011

Logging threatens parks and canoe routes: FOT

Two northern Ontario parks are threatened by logging, according to a northern conservation group.

Friends of Temagami says that the Makobe-Grays River Park and the West Montreal River Park are threatened by a high rate of logging, in contravention of provincial legislation.

Over two decades, ending in 2021, about half of the land next to these parks in Timiskaming Forest will be logged. Many canoe routes and portages with be left with little to no protection. One route may see clearcuts right down to the shoreline.

“We have cooperated with the MNR throughout this plan," Alex Broadbent, president of FOT, said, "but they have avoided addressing our concerns. The credibility of public participation in forest management planning in Ontario is in doubt.”

The group has asked the Ministry of the Environment for an Individual Environmental Assessment on the Timiskaming Forest Management Plan.

The MOE has also been asked to complete a canoe-route inventory that would protect the routes from industry.  

The forest makes up the northern end of the Temagami wilderness and recreation area.

The chair of the group’s Forestry Committee, Bob Olajos, said, “Timiskaming needs a balanced approach between forestry and parks. By making decisions based on science, not politics, an Individual Environmental Assessment would strike this balance.”

  EXTERNAL LINK:   Friends of Temagami

JANUARY 10, 2011

Photos: wolf pack on Red Cedar Lake

These wolves were out on the ice in December.

  PHOTOS:   Wolf pack 

JANUARY 6, 2011

Satellite shows only three areas of open ice

Yesterday's satellite image shows open ice only on the usual late arrivals: lakes Wanapitei and Timiskaming, and Ottawa River.

  SATELLITE IMAGE:   January 5

JANUARY 5, 2011

Melt ends, ice travel resumes

On Monday, January 3, snowmobile travel resumed on Lake Temagami after warm temperatures and rain turned travel treacherous.

Between December 30 and January 1, temperatures rose to a high of 8 C and it rained. Snow on top of the ice melted, there was standing water and it became slippery. Ice growth halted.

The dramatic turnaround in the weather had people recalling two previous New Years with open water: last winter and 2004. Then, some frozen areas temporarily re-opened.

No areas re-opened this year, unlike Lake Timiskaming that had largely frozen.

On January 2, temperatures fell below freezing. Today's high is minus 14 C and the ice is five inches thick, reports Steve Laronde of public works at the Temagami First Nation. Not yet enough for a road to Bear Island.

Lake Wanapitei, always a late holdout, is open. There is continued cold in the forecast for the next two weeks.

  BACKGROUND:   Recent freeze-up dates

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