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JANUARY 31, 2012                                                                              REVISED: FEBRUARY 1

ATVers caught behind Red Squirrel gate 

Six hunters were caught on ATVs travelling behind the gate on the Red Squirrel Road in October and convicted last week.

They transported their vehicles by boat to a little-known illegal access point on Devil's Bay, Lake Temagami, that connected with Bob's Lake Road. This took them to the Red Squirrel Road where conservation officers (COs) found them. Oops. Fines ranged from $400 to $1,200.

We have reported before on ATVs behind the gate, operating with impunity. It is good to see the COs, Peter Gilboe and Mike Schenk (despite gross underfunding), caught a bunch and got convictions.

The hunters admitted this was not the first time they had done an end run around the gate.

The gate, in fact, is only one portion of a seasonal, nonmotorized use area. The gate leads to an area north and northwest of Lake Temagami, but virtually all of the Crown land around Lake Temagami also has a ban on vehicles between April 15 and November 15.

ATV access by boat had not been uncommon as many users did not know it was illegal in the land around the lake. In the last few years MNR has made it clear by posting signs at the illegal accesses.

The hunters passed one of those signs.

   EXTERNAL LINK:   Nugget story: Hunters fined


Legal motorized access points onto, or off, Lake Temagami:
  • Town of Temagami area

  • Lake Temagami Access (aka Mine) Road landing area

  • Strathcona Road landing

  • Baie Jeanne Road landing

  • Cross Lake Access Point


  • Mining exploration authorized by permit

  • Aboriginal use for traditional activities

Photo/image: missing person Daniel Trask

JANUARY 25, 2012

Trask's whereabouts a mystery after 12 weeks

Tomorrow Daniel Trask will be missing 12 weeks. The only solid clue to his whereabouts is his car, parked at Sandy Inlet on Lake Temagami.

He is familiar with Temagami where he has canoed, and it is believed he headed into the backcountry to which he has a strong affinity. He did not take a canoe or his camping gear when he left his parent's Waterloo home on November 3.

A clerk at the Temagami Co-op reported that the 28-year-old bought some food about the time he went missing.

The OPP conducted an aerial search in November and locals have helped check buildings in a vast area around Sandy Inlet. Ottertooth's forum has been a source of backcountry leads.

There has been no banking or online activity from him.

Last weekend a volunteer search-and-rescue team from Sudbury did an aerial search between Florence and Temagami lakes. They saw no evidence of his presence.

He remains listed as missing. His parents have not given up hope of finding him holed up somewhere in Temagami.

Anyone with information is asked to contact Waterloo Police or the OPP at 888-310-1122.

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JANUARY 16, 2012

Photos: aerials of Lake Temagami ice

  PHOTOS:   Lake Temagami aerials January 15 

JANUARY 14, 2012

Anishnabai hockey tour in 1920s

A postcard of two hockey teams, heavily recruited from Bear Island, posing in Toronto in 1928 is sold at the Temagami train station. This article brings insight to the little-known 2,200-mile "Cree & Ojibway Indian Hockey Tour."

Members of the Peshabo, Turner, Petrant and Friday families played on the teams.

JANUARY 11, 2012

Ice travel treacherous

Since the start of the year, daily highs have frequently topped freezing, so the ice on Lake Temagami is still treacherous for travel.

Yesterday, according to Jason Pigeau of Keewaydin, ice north of Garden Island ranged from three to fourth inches thick. North of Keewaydin it reached six inches in spots.

JANUARY 10, 2012

Video: Wolf Lake

If you haven't been there, have a look at this video by a regular contributor to Ottertooth's photos of the month.

   EXTERNAL LINK:   Protect Wolf Lake

JANUARY 6, 2012

Photos: aerials of Lake Temagami ice

  PHOTOS:   Lake Temagami aerials



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