Selected routes from the old edition

No. Name Additional Lakes & Rivers
1 Temagami - Lake Wanapitei Loop Cross Lake, Temagami River, Red Cedar Lake, lower Sturgeon River, Murray Lake, Washagami Lake, lower Chiniguchi River, Maskinonge Lake, Matagamasi Lake, Wawiashkashi Lake, Manitou Lake, Gull Lake
2 Florence Lake - Yorston River Loop Lake Temagami - Obabika Lake - Wawiagama Lake and River - Obabika River - up Sturgeon River - up Yorston River - Linger Lake - Seagram Lake - Bluesucker Lake - Florence Lake - South Lady Evelyn River - Macpherson Lake - Lady Evelyn River (South Channel) - "2 miler" Portage to Diamond Lake - Diamond Lake - Lake Temagami via Obabika or Sharp Rock

The Book: 

Temagami Canoe Routes

Compiled and illustrated by 

Hap Wilson

Paperback, 144 pp.

Published by Canadian Recreational Canoe Association

ISBN 0-9693258-1-9

Available: Temagami Outfitting

The publication of Temagami Canoe Routes in 1978 was a milestone for Temagami and the literature of canoe tripping. Here was the first publication documenting canoe routes in Temagami with maps for every portage, lake and campsite mentioned. And each map was painstakingly drawn. 

Not only was there attention to accuracy and detail, but the maps were given an artist's flourish. Hap included pen-and-ink illustrations from his travels in the backcountry. They revealed an eye for features that most people missed in their own travels, like the grave marker on the Temagami River or the naturally-formed spirit face in the cliff on Ghoul Lake. They captured Temagami's wildness and mystery.

Second edition 

published in 1988

First edition published in 1978

Other books by Hap

Top Photo: Hap Wilson

 He collected the routes from his canoeing over the period from 1970 to 1977 while working for the Ministry of Natural Resources. The first edition had 22 routes and was published by the Ministry.  With the second edition, in 1988, Hap added publisher to his role. In the interval he had become a Temagami tour guide and outfitter, and one of the most, if not the most, knowledgeable Temagami canoeists.

By the time Temagami found itself threatened by logging in the late 1980s, the book had brought thousands of new people to the area who became supporters in the battle for its preservation.

The book's success encouraged Hap to produce four more canoe-routes books for areas in Ontario, Quebec and Manitoba. He used the Temagami Canoe Routes as their template.

With 22 years in print and 40,000 copies sold by 2001, Temagami Canoe Routes has proven to be a canoeing classic.

Routes reprinted with author's permission.

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