Canada's Oldest Builder - Miller Canoes
Photo: Chickadee model on the mold in the Miller Canoes shop in downtown Nictau, New Brunswick. Chickadee model on the mold in the shop in downtown Nictau, New Brunswick.



Photo: Bill Miller

Miller Canoes has been operating since 1925 when it was founded by Vic Miller. Bill Miller, a third generation builder, runs the business today. He has eight different models ranging from a wooden kayak to a 26-foot freighter.

Bill tells the story of the Chestnut Ogilvy: "Mr. Chestnut was salmon fishing at the Ogilvy camp on the Tobique River in the late twenties or early thirties. Chestnut was admiring Ogilvy's Miller canoe and asked him where he got it? Jock said 'Vic Miller hewed this out wood with an axe up in Nictau.' Since it performed so well as a poling canoe, he asked Ogilvy to bring the canoe to Fredericton that fall. Lines were taken off it and it was put into production. The model was named after the Ogilvy. My grandfather did not get any credit for it, but he claims they didn't get it quite right. The original Miller model is still in use."

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