Campsite and Visitor Survey - 2001

Lake Temagami and Vicinity

Photo: Unmaintained makeshift privy within a metre of Kokoko Lake 

Unmaintained makeshift privy within a metre of Kokoko Lake.

                 Photo: Ian Huggett







Survey Area

. Lake Temagami

. Kokoko Lake 

. Cross Lake 

. Wasaksina Lake 

. Driftwood Lake

. Iceland Lake 

. north Obabika Lake

. Bob Lake

. Diamond Lake

. Wakimika Lake

. Lady Evelyn Lake south end


Last summer 348 campsites were evaluated and an informal visitor survey done on Lake Temagami and some immediately surrounding lakes. 

The picture the report paints is unpleasant. Congestion is up. Noise is up. There are illegal squatters on campsites. Houseboats and personal watercraft (PWC) use is growing and conflicting with traditional use. Privies are overflowing. Toilet paper is strewn over campsites. Campsites are being loved to death.

         FULL TEXT: Campsite and Visitor Survey

The youth camps on the lake have been doing campsite cleanups since 1956 on a small scale. But their ability to keep up was long ago exceeded. In 1977, an MNR canoe-routes-maintenance program was launched with Hap Wilson as its first manager. Part of its responsibility was to watch for infractions, and monitor and clean up campsites. That program closed about 1991. Then MNR closed its Temagami office in 1996 and downsized, ending virtually all field programs. There has been nothing comparable in place since.

With increased traffic, the recreational carrying capacity in and around Lake Temagami has been grossly exceeded and immediate intervention is needed to prevent further deterioration.

Some recommendations of the survey, undertaken by Ian Huggett for Temagami Lakes Association and Temagami Region Studies Institute:

Close 12% of campsites that have been overused

Undertake regular maintenance of privies, new privy 


.   Perform public education 

Set rules to protect sensitive campsites and reduce 


Collect user fees to support maintenance 

Regulate houseboats

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