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Editor & Publisher: Michael Peake

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he-Mun, The Journal of Canadian Wilderness Canoeing, is a quarterly publication available only by mail to subscribers across North America. As Che-Mun's editor, I wanted to tell you a bit  about who we are and what we do.

Che-Mun was founded in 1973 by Nick Nickels in Lakefield, Ontario. Nick was, among other things, an author and also ran a canoe tripping service to those needing paddling information about certain areas. He published a book called Canoe Canada in 1976, which was a listing of hundreds of possible canoe trips from coast to coast to coast. In 1983, Nick ceased publication of Che-Mun and the following year I took the leap from subscriber to editor. Since, Che-Mun has steadily grown and improved, I hope, and thanks to electronic technology, has taken the leap to cyberspace.

Che-Mun offers trip reports, book reviews, northern news and historical accounts in short everything that we think will be of interest to a northern wilderness canoeist. We realize that isn't everyone's cup of tea so through the Ottertooth website, we'll bring you much more as well. We don't plan to run an electronic version of Che-Mun but rather offer much of what Che-Mun's about and reports on. 

Our aim here in the canoe pages on is to keep you informed on both the current and future state of canoeing but also the past. Canada has a wealth of canoeing history and many of us get a real thrill in seeing our land come alive through reading the words and following the actions of those who travelled the land with unseen eyes. Canoeing thrills comes in many forms; from raging whitewater to delightful placid streams; in tandem boats or simply solo, the lure and effect of canoeing touches each of us in a different way.

So please come along with us and join in as we bring a new look to these canoeing pages. It will take some time but with your input, Ottertooth will be your first stop for all things canoeing.

Michael Peake



Michael Peake, 55, is Governor of the Hide-Away Canoe Club (HACC), a group that has paddled together since 1976. He is associate photo editor of the Toronto Sun newspaper where he has worked since 1975, winning the National Newspaper Award for photography in 1986. He also publishes Che-Mun, the Journal of Canadian Wilderness Canoeing, and gives numerous slide talks across North America on wilderness canoeing. He is also the widowed father of an 11-year-old son, Thomas.

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