Photo: letter of new ownership, Keewaydin, Temagami

This letter was received from the Keewaydin Foundation announcing the change of ownership from Joe Fogg and Lew Lehrman to the Foundation. The full text is below.

April 4, 2001 

Dear Keewaydineesi:

   The Keewaydin Foundation is pleased to announce that, on April 4, 2001, Joseph G. Fogg, III, and Lewis Lehrman generously donated the stock of Keewaydin Camps LImited to the Foundation. In the early 1990s, they bought the Canadian-based corporation, which includes the original Keewaydin on Lake Temagami, to preserve it for the benefit of future organizations. Ultimately, they decided that this goal would best be achieved by placing the organization into institutional hands in order to guarantee its long-term management succession and its long-term financial and operational stability. In order to help assure the future financial strength of both camps, this stock gift brings with it all of the retained earnings that have accumulated during their ownership.

   The Keewaydin Foundation has operated Keewaydin for boys, Songadeewin for girls, and the Keewaydin Environmental Education Center on Lake Dunmore in Vermont. It will now also operate both Keewaydin and Ojibway Lodge on Lake Temagami in Ontario. While Jim Wacker, the Executive Director of the Foundation, will be responsible for both Dunmore and Temagami, the two sets of camps will continue to be run separately in order to retain their own identities, traditions, and programmatic approaches. The existing management of Temagami will not change. Brooks MacMillen, who directs the camp, and Sandy Chivers, who head Ojibway Lodge, will remain in their current positions, but they will share much of the common administrative support available at the Foundation's headquarters in Middlebury, Vermont.

   Temagami will enjoy substantial representation on the Foundation's Board of Directors and on its Executive Committee. Joe Fogg, who attended both Dunmore and then Temagami, Lew Lehrman and Jeff Schneider, a Temagami islander who is the Chairman of the Roy Waters Fund and a former camper and staffman, will immediately become members of the Executive Committee. Joe will serve as the Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors, on which the three will be joined by Fred Reimers, a past owner of Temagami, and others to be nominated by Joe and Lew throughout 2001. Input from directors originally affiliated with Dunmore and Temagami will be given appropriate deference in connection with Dunmore and Temagami issues, respectively.

   Keewaydin was founded in 1893, and the camp's first summer was 1894 in Maine. In 1903, it moved to Lake Temagami, and, in 1910, it expanded with the addition of the camp on Lake Dunmore. In the 1930s, the original Keewaydin Camps Corporation was dissolved, and the assets were distributed among its major shareholders. Since that time, even though they share a common heritage of values and mission, Temagami and Dunmore have followed their own paths under separate ownership. In 1982, the owners of Dunmore, Waboos Hare and Abby Fenn, transferred their camp to the Foundation.

Almost two decades later, this donation to the Foundation from Joe and Lew brings the two Keewaydins of Temagami and Dunmore back together at the start of the new century.

   This gift represents a tremendous opportunity for the global Keewaydin community. Beyond merely bringing the camps and their "families" back together after almost 70 years, it enables the Keewaydin Foundation to serve additional kids by offering a sequence of more intense canoe tripping experiences. It also provides the Temagami campers, parents, staff, and alumni with an opportunity to participate in the long-term future of their camp through their involvement in the Foundation and through tax-deductible contributions.

   Regardless of which Keewaydin you call home, we hope you share our enthusiasm for the opportunities which this gift presents for both Dunmore and Temagami. If you're from Dunmore, please welcome the Temagami family into our organization. If you're from Temagami, we hope you'll become involved in the Keewaydin Foundation with the same "can-do" spirit seen among each year's returning Section A trippers.

Photo: signature, Keewaydin, Temagami

Photo: signature, Keewaydin, Temagami

Robert G. Kirkpatrick

President and Chairman of

the Board of Directors

Joseph G. Fogg, III

President and Chairman of

the Board of Directors

Background: Lew Lehrman and Joe Fogg purchased Keewaydin from Fred Reimers in 1991.  They held the camp for 10 seasons.

Trivia: Keewaydin Foundation is not the first foundation to own Keewaydin of Temagami. The Thomas-Jones Foundation, another U.S. nonprofit, held the camp from 1947 to 1960, selling to the camp director Howard Chivers.

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