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Seventeen years later and it's second edition time for The Keewaydin Way, the history of North America's oldest private summer camp and one of the world's oldest canoe-tripping institutions, Keewaydin. 

This Web page was never intended to become as large as it has, but Bill Seeley, the Bay Trip staffman and one of my earliest research contacts, just started sending material...and more material... and more material. I cut him off a couple of times. When you break a beaver dam, the beaver just repairs it. Well, like a beaver, he kept coming back. You couldn't turn him off! It was more than would ever go into the book, but too valuable — or too funny — for the kitty-litter box. So I started posting it too.

In the end, it is about Keewaydin and canoeing and canoe-tripping and camping and outdoor education.

This is not the official Keewaydin Web site. Follow this link to Keewaydin Canoe Camp.

Book publication is scheduled for 2003 and all proceeds will go to the Roy Waters Scholarship Fund. For more info on the book contents and availability see the second edition Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ).

Brian Back  

Oh, one more thing. I'm now getting 15 emails a day. Expect these pages, which have grown to over 300 files, to change at any time…even daily.  All changes will be in realtime….a real Keewaydin concept… eh….or is that huh?  


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