Photos of signing and shipping

The Foundation office undertook all the support work for sales and distribution of the The Keewaydin Way. Our thanks to the Foundation, Tom Oxholm and Lynne Pirkkanen.

Pre-order softcover

Book signing at the Foundation offices... er... barn, in Vermont. The author, trying to keep warm (despite heater and Bean boots), and trying to keep up with Doug Mosle who is unpacking books, freshly arrived from the printer in Manitoba. (Doug and I demonstrated — with a precision any scientist would envy— that non-stop storytelling does not produce appreciable amounts of heat.)

Keewaydin book signing by Brian Back



Packing in a manner demonstrating the finest Henry Ford division-of-labor. Left to right: Nancy McClure, David Flight, Tom Oxholm (foreman), and Lynne Pirkkanen (pacesetter).

Keewaydin book signing by Brian Back

Lynne, doing a final inspection of the boxed books, on  the eve of the arrival of UPS, after three days of work.

Keewaydin book signing by Brian Back


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