So you want to contribute. Great!

If any large section of written material is used intact, or any of your photos, graphics or artwork are included, you will be credited. Anything you send me will be considered publishable in either the book or on the Web site, in whole or in part, unless you state otherwise.

The author, me, reserves the right to approve and edit all material

Here's guidelines for some common submissions..

How to Submit

The best way is email. If you are sending in a story involving a paragraph or more, then I prefer a Word file sent as email attachment. Short corrections or lists can come as a plain email message. 

Photos (see below) in digital format can also be sent as an email attachment.

If you aren't comfortable with all this computer stuff, then send by mail or FEDEX.  Personal items will be returned for those items requested for return, after I make copies.

Send to: 

            Brian Back

            11920 N. Lantern Ln.

            Mequon, WI 53092

Types of Submissions

1.  Errors & Spelling Corrections

2.  Missing Material

3.  Trip Info - Temagami & Outpost

4.  Photos

Errors & Spelling Corrections

Missing Material 

A primary reason this material is posted to this Web site is to get more eyes pouring over it. Better to catch those errors or omissions. Dates and spelling of names and places are the most common errors. I have made every effort to avoid them, but sometimes they still get through. Send in your fix.

Trip Info - Temagami (A, B & C) and Outpost

  • Temagami trips that are four weeks or longer in length monthers 1983 to date. 

  • Outpost sections 1979 to date.

* The 1982 section B is there only because the contributor had thought the trip took place in 83. Since the page was already created before the error was discovered I left it live. As for the contributor...

Sections only get listed when the following are known:


    Simple route moniker (both trips for Outpost)

    Section name

    Staff and guide names

    Length in days (Section C and Outpost only)

    Bay reached any village near the mouth of a Bay river qualifies here (Temagami only)

Sections get their own page when the following is also known:

    Route summary (please be as accurate as possible with spellings)


Also needed for each section page:

    Section members names (accurate spelling is vital)

    Section photo with members identified by row, left to right.

    Good short tales (any stories over a paragraph in length should be sent as a Word doc file).

    Other photos with photographer's name, photo description and names of those in it.

    Exceptional logs may be included, but must be sent in a text file.

Photo and Graphic Format

For photos and artwork, a good quality scan in jpeg format is preferred. Please send as an email attachment or provide me with the Web address so I can download it.

However, I will accept other good photos in original format that I will copy and return to the owner. Send by mail or courier. Please let me know in advance before you send anything of value or that you want returned.

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