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MAP OF ROUTE                                        ACTUAL  MAP USED

Staffman: Rod Cox

Guide:     Jack Decaire

Ed Pepper                Frank Campion

Dan Carpenter Sr.     Bill MacAusland

David Tileston           Bill Slocum


1939 Section A at Rupert's House, loading the schooner for sail across James Bay to Moose Factory. One canoe is already lashed onto the deck. The section had paddled from Oskelaneo to Mistassini then run the Rupert River. Rod Cox was staff. Dan Carpenter Sr. was a camper.


                                       Photo: Dan Carpenter Sr


Crossing the Bay

We were out of sight of land for a good portion of the sail.  To get to Moose Factory the sailor had to find the river channel and it was getting dark. He finally found it just before dark to the relief of all.

But what a difference to trippers today who use planes to cover the same routes. One might say they don't know what they missed.

       Dan Carpenter Sr., 3/1/00


COSTS (taken from 1937 section A log)
Rail Route Cost
T&NO Temagami to Swastika to Rouyn-Noranda (Que.) for passengers $4.55
Canoes (4) and baggage to Rouyn-Noranda 9.75

Rouyn-Noranda to Taschereau to Oskelaneo for passengers

Canoes (4) and baggage 12.85

Hotel Nationale, Noranda                                


Meals at restaurants per person             

Board and room, Oskelaneo   1.00


             Dan Carpenter Sr.    

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