Exploration for Outpost Site Out of Allanwater 

Trip In: Capreol via road - Allanwater Bridge via rail - Kawaweogama Lake base camp

Trip 1:  Brightsand Circuit

Kawaweogama Lake base camp - Allanwater Bridge - Sunray Lake - Seseganaga Lake - Gridiron Lake - Hilltop Lake - Wapikamaski Lake - Brightsand River - Base camp

Trip 2:  Allanwater River

Allanwater River - Wabakimi Lake - Smoothrock Lake - Whitewater Lake - Smoothrock Lake - Little Caribou Lake - Truck to Armstrong - Train to Allanwater Bridge - Base camp

Trip 3:  Palisade River

Foam Lake - Flindt River - Wabakimi Lake - Kenoji Lake - Palisade River - Muskiga Lake - Pashkokogan Lake - Shuttle to Savant Lake - Capreol via rail - Temagami via road


                                                                                                                      Photo: Steve Bissell/Keewaydin

Section on Devil's Island at the end of the season. Left to right, front row: Arthur Smith, Paul Crockard, Hans Jonassen, David Oelsner, Sterling Edwards. Back row: Heb Evans (staffman), Cale Graham, David Gilgenast, Skip Ashton, Terry Erwin (assistant), Steve Bissell (guide). Absent: Jeff Dorman.



The Hunt Is Still On

Our mission is still to locate a suitable place for establishing a permanent outpost camp. We thought we had the site we wanted (Miniss Lake) at the end of last season, but have since discovered that the island we selected cannot be used. The hunt is still on. 

Basically we will be exploring country adjacent to, but not exactly the same as last year's section. 

              Heb Evans, Letter to section, 5/10/79

Outpost Site

Heb had preceded us with one supercamper via car to Savant Lake, and they spent a week building the walls and frame for a big tent. That we used as a common area. We all slept in our trip tents at the site.

                Steve Bissell, 12/10/99

Section A's 1965 Fireplace Found

On Muskiga we used Nishe's fireplace at the old Section A campsite. Heb was so excited when he found it.

                Steve Bissell, 12/10/99




           Dave Chapin    Steve Bissell


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