Trip 1:  Flindt River

Allenwater River - Wabakimi Lake - Flindt River - Kawawiagama Lake

Trip 2:  Kopka River

Brightsand River - Harmon Lake - Kopka River - Truck to Armstrong - Train to Allenwater Bridge



Outpost sections E and F back at Keewaydin. Left to right, back row (standing): Tim Woods (guide E), George Kaye (F), Wheeler Ruml (F), Fred Harbison (E), Dana Shonk (E), Doug Mosle (E), Alex Hester (E), John Lehrman (E), Ben Tubb (F), John Stephenson (F), George Stack (F). 

Seated on bench: Chas Longston (E), Eddie Hopkins (E), Charlie Beyer (F), Tom Seeley (E), Will Stribling (F), Scott Springgate (guide F).

Seated on ground: Bill Carpenter (staffman E), Doug Keith (staffman F), Thomas McLaurin (F), Andy Haverkampfh (F), Jay Parker (E), Stuart Keith (F).

Lying on ground in front: John Schwind (F).


Section E:  Bill Carpenter (staffman), Tim Woods (guide), John Lehrman, Dana Shonk, Doug Mosle, Eddie Hopkins, Jay Parker, John Schwin, Tom Seeley, Chas Langston, Fred Harbison, Alex Hester.



I have fond memories of beating the crap out of Dana Shonk in cribbage while windbound for two days on an island just three miles from the outpost.

       Tom Seeley, 11/3/99

Tom may remember it that way, but as much as we all hate to admit it, we have never been able to beat Dana at cribbage. We did, however, beat the crap out of him on a regular basis, but it had nothing to do with cribbage....he was just fun to beat up.

        Doug Mosle, 3/14/00

I also remember Bill Carpenter had brought a powerful radio with him and we sat every day listening to a serial story on CBC about a polar bear who had escaped captivity that they were tracking. We were coming on the exciting conclusion when we had to depart for our next trip.

John Lehrman killed a grouse with a slingshot and the two of us cleaned it up and cooked it over a spit, since Tim and Bill would not allow us to use section wood and equipment.

     Tom Seeley, 11/3/99

Kopka gorge was amazing. We lowered canoes down a cliff, a cliff that was the portage trail.

Paddling out onto Lake Nipigon was the climax of the summer. There we watched the eagles soar around Inner Barn Island.

      Tim Woods, 11/4/99

The best part besides my first real sternman's-canoe-dismount-with-one-foot-in-the- water-on-a-pebble was passing the Outward Bound trip that was eating tube food while we were eating like kings. 

      Ed Hopkins, 4/4/00




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