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OCTOBER 30, 2003

Fall colours from space

A rare photo from space of the peak fall colours.

 SATELLITE IMAGE:  Fall colours from space

Photo: Upper Yorston River in Solace Wildlands area of Temagami to be logged

Upper Yorston River in area to be logged                                     Alex Broadbent

OCTOBER 19, 2003

Bluesucker wilderness logging scaled back, park still at risk

Logging in the Bluesucker wilderness adjoining Solace Park has been reduced by half the area first proposed by the province. The area contains roadless wilderness, virgin forest and old-growth jack pine.

A logging allocation, known as block 60, was eliminated from the east side of the upper Yorston River in the proposed five-year logging plan. Now only the west side of the river near Mudchannel and Bluesucker lakes, along the southern boundary of Solace Park, will be logged. It is designated block 108.

The plan is nearing completion and MNR expects to have it in place by March, 2004, if there is no strong public opposition.

The park is remote and has no road access, however, a near complete failure by government to control access on unused logging roads just about guarantees the park will lose its remoteness after logging.


                  Wilderness and park threatened 

              Road closures a failure


OCTOBER 18, 2003

White pine threatened in northern Temagami

After two logging moratoriums on threatened white pine in northern Temagami, the MNR has decided to lift the ban. The moratoriums, in place since 1995, were intended to allow study of the impacts of logging white pine in the Timiskaming Forest Management Unit and learn how to regenerate it after logging.

White pine in that area is particularly vulnerable because it is at the northern edge of its range and logging companies practice clear-cutting, which is devastating to white pine regeneration. Northwatch says the MNR did not do the research, so the government can't justify removal of the moratorium, nor has it presented any evidence that the pine can even be managed. Brennain Lloyd, the head of Northwatch, is the former chair of Ontario’s Old Growth Forests Policy Advisory Committee.

Comments can be e-mailed to Bill Van Schip at MNR in Kirkland Lake at bill.vanschip@mnr.gov.on.ca by October 23.

  MAP:  Timiskaming Forest  

OCTOBER 11, 2003

18 running for 7 municipal seats 

With two candidates running for mayor and 16 running for the six council seats, Temagami's municipal election is off and running.

Among those seeking election to council are hiking-trail maven Les Wilcox of Nastawgan Trails, canoe builder John Kilbridge of Temagami Canoe Company and White Bear Forest pioneer Doug Adams of Northland Paradise Lodge.

Voting day is November 10.

OCTOBER 7, 2003

High water

Water levels are extremely high due to above-normal rain since late September. Levels were already high. 

Map: new logging roads in Muskego Wildlands, Temagami

OCTOBER 1, 2003

Logging roads push into Muskego Wildlands

Logging-road construction (red broken line on map) has reached the portages between Eagle and Anima Nipissing lakes near Shallow Lake in the Muskego Wildlands. The roads will allow clear-cutting this winter north of Eagle Lake and south of Shallow Lake.

The proposed logging plan for 2004 to 2009, now out for public comment, includes the extension of the Eagle Lake Road up the middle of the Muskego Wildlands (brown line).



Hill being excavated for Eagle Lake Road construction.


Photo & map:

Brian Back

Photo: Eagle Lake logging road construction in Temagami, 2003

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