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Photo: Completion of portage bridge at Centre Falls, Lady Evelyn River, Temagami, 1978, with Kilbridges and Wilsons.

Completion of construction of the last bridge by MNR staff in 1978. Builders, left to right, back row: Steve and John Kilbridge. Front row: Hap and Trudy Wilson.


NOVEMBER 24, 2003

Centre Falls portage bridge removed

The well-known bridge on the trail around Centre Falls on the Lady Evelyn River was removed by park staff in September over safety concerns.

"The posts, main beams and some of the deck was rotten and most of the deck was very slippery," said park superintendent John Salo. "We decided to knock the structure down in order to avoid any possible injuries."

Canoeists must now use the trail that predated the bridge, which crossed a small ravine, and shortened the climb up a steep section.

The bridge location is in Lady Evelyn-Smoothwater Wilderness Park and a bridge has been on the site since at least 1947. There are no plans to rebuild. Salo said that a bridge is not in keeping with the natural environment of the backcountry.

He also cited the construction and maintenance costs of remote structures. The park currently does not charge user fees and has an extremely limited budget for its size.

Thousands have crossed the bridge, a welcome sight on the challenging portage. With it gone, an era has passed. 


NOVEMBER 17, 2003

Late winter, little snow predicted

Alex Mathias is not surprised at the unseasonably warm weather. The beaver predicted it. Mathias has found that when the beaver bring in their winter food late, then winter is late coming. That's what he is seeing this year.

"When the beaver put lots of mud on their lodges, there won't be much snow over winter," he said. This, too, he is seeing.

NOVEMBER 11, 2003

First snowfall seen from space

Snow is visible on the ground after the November 8 snowfall.

 SATELLITE IMAGE:  First snowfall

NOVEMBER 10, 2003

Adair re-elected mayor

Unofficial results from today's municipal election in Temagami, provided by The Talker, Temagami's monthly newspaper.

Wayne Adair (I) 737     X
Drew Jacques 287
Bill Kitts (I) 761     X
Ike Laba (I) 606     X
Clair Smerdon 522     X
Biff Lowery (I) 458     X
Phil Koistinen 434     X
Kelly Prefasi 409     X
Doug Adams 301
Dale Debruyn 278
Jim Leach 274
John Grass 270
Jasmine Picard 224
John Kilbridge 205
Rudy Goeree 176
Les Wilcox 152
Barry Graham 148
Brian Youngs 116
           I = incumbent


Photo: Blueberry Lake trail to be logged.

Blueberry Lake trail to be logged.                         MICHAEL HENRY

NOVEMBER 7, 2003

Blueberry Lake trail may get axed

One of Temagami's most popular old-growth hiking trail networks may get cropped by logging this winter. The section of the trails, which are east of Cassels Lake, to be logged is known as the Charcoal Trail.

It is the site of a rare, pine-forest, surface fire. Ecologists at a forest research institute want to preserve the 1996 fire location.

These type of fires were once common until fire fighting largely eliminated them. "This may be the only walking trail in Ontario that shows a recent surface fire in a pine forest," says Michael Henry of Ancient Forest Exploration and Research.

In these type of fires the ground is burned while the mature trees are left intact. This leaves soil exposed for healthy pine regeneration.

The Blueberry Lake trails are a short paddle from the town of Temagami and meander through a mix of old-growth red and white pine, and less common old-growth white cedar.

The researchers have requested that one and a half hectares of the planned logging be preserved. Henry is asking the public to call on MNR to preserve the entire Blueberry trail network.

Contact MNR:

Kevin Rankin


3301 Trout Lake Rd

North Bay, ON  P1A 4L7


TRAIL GUIDE & MAP:  Blueberry Trails

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