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FEBRUARY 21, 2006 

Hap's newest book reviewed

Wilson's first non-travel book, The Cabin, follows his lifelong search for a dream cabin in the wilds. Full of adventure and misadventure, most of it is set in Temagami. Review 

FEBRUARY 17, 2006 

Drillers return to

Wolf Lake

Prospectors continue to look for pay dirt on one of Temagami's most beautiful lakes, a little Killarney.

This winter the once-popular, west-side campsite on Wolf Lake has become a drilling site. It lost its appeal when prospectors stripped everything to the bedrock and sunk a small shaft.

The lake was intended for inclusion in the proposed Chiniguchi River Park, but mining leases, covering the entire lake, stand in the way.

Currently, the lake is designated a forest reserve, protecting it from logging, but not mining.

Last August, anyone paddling in would have been greeted by the sound of drilling reverberating between the hills. Bits were biting through bedrock about 500 metres south of the shoreline.

Photo: A diamond-drilling rig on the old west-side campsite of Wolf Lake, 2005.


A diamond-drilling rig, contracted by Flag Resources of Calgary, on the old west-side campsite of Wolf Lake. Photo by Friends of Chiniguchi in January.

  MAP:  Chiniguchi Park

  WEBSITE:  Friends of Chiniguchi

Photo: rare native brook trout north of Lake Temagami

FEBRUARY 13, 2006 

Rare native brook trout

Catching a native brookie has become almost unheard-of as the Ministry of Natural Resources has introduced non-native strains into most brook trout lakes.

Stocked fish undermine genetic integrity of the natives.

Tim Bankerd recently caught this native brookie, or speckled trout, north of Lake Temagami. He said the natives have a more brilliant colour.

The few lakes with original populations are remote and knowledge of them is kept close to the tackle box by those anglers in the know.

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