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JANUARY 26, 2006 

Parks and rec plan moving slowly

The next open houses in the parks-and-recreation planning process should be this spring. These were originally set for last fall.

Currently, MNR is compiling issues for the Temagami Integrated Plan (TIP) to present then. These were gathered during the open houses in the fall, at meetings with groups, and from letters, emails, one-on-one discussions, and phone calls from the public.

The issues stage is one of the most important. An issue needs to be identified at this juncture to be included in the issues document available during the upcoming houses. Trying to insert one later in the process is difficult. 

A draft management plan for backcountry parks, conservation reserves, and Crown land recreation in MNR's Temagami district is not likely to be completed before late summer.

If ready then, an approved plan would not be in place before the summer of 2007.


            Group calls for protection of traditional land uses

            Presentations in Toronto

            Meeting held in Ottawa

            Canoe industry has vision for Temagami 

            Parks and recreation meetings set

            Elk Lake meeting turns ugly


JANUARY 23, 2006 

Park fees increase

Summer overnight-camping fees for Temagami's remote parks will increase this year by a dollar a night for adults. The youth fee will remain unchanged.

The move is part of a fee rise across all Ontario's backcountry parks.

  Adult overnight-camping fee per night:

  Park 2005


  Temagami backcountry 7.50


  Algonquin* 9.00


  Quetico* 13.00


  Wabakimi* 7.50


    * Residents of Canada

There remains no Temagami fee for non-summer camping, motorboaters, ATVers, snowmobilers, day camping and other day use.

Camping fees in Temagami backcountry parks began in 2004. This is the first fee increase.

John Salo, parks superintendent, noted that all fees collected in Temagami have been expended on Temagami parks.

Overnight-camping fee for Temagami backcountry parks

Per person, per night:

  Fees 2006      





Ontario persons with disabilities



4.00 2.00

18 and over

8.50 6.75 4.25

    MAP:  Backcountry parks

     BACKGROUND: Backcountry Parks Guide

    STORY UPDATE: Fees unchanged

Satellite image: open water on Lake Wanapitei, Sunday Jan. 15, 2005

Black is open water on Lake Wanapitei, Sunday Jan. 15.


JANUARY 17, 2006 

Weather wreaking havoc on lake ice

Mild weather last week and early snow have hindered ice thickening.

Lake Wanapitei, frozen since January 8, was open again on Sunday, as shown in the infrared satellite photo at left. The blue is thin ice, and the bright turquoise is solid ice.

All other lakes are frozen over.

The Temagami First Nation will not likely open the long ice road between Bear Island and the town of Temagami. "We have been having a tough enough time keeping it open to the [Mine] Landing," said TFN manager Robin Koistinen.

"The slush and heavy snow are stressing our two ploughs."

The ice under the road on Friday was 10 to 12 inches. Off the road it was just under 8 inches.


JANUARY 10, 2006 

Winter photos of Lake Temagami

A great set of shots on Lake Temagami by Peter Healy of the Temagami Lakes Association.

  WEBSITE: Temagami Lakes Association  

JANUARY 9, 2006 

Last open water

The satellite image reveals that Lake Wanapitei, open on Friday, was frozen by yesterday. There is still open water on the Ottawa River.

SATELLITE INFRARED:  Sunday, January 8

JANUARY 5, 2006 

Group calls for protection of traditional land uses

In the face of rapid change to the landscape, a citizens' group is calling on the public to tell the Ministry of Natural Resources to support and protect traditional land uses.

"There is a window here and the public must act quickly to prevent rapid erosion of the Temagami we know," said group co-organizer Ed MacPherson.

The group formed in response to the MNR's recent initiative to create a master plan for parks, conservation reserves and Crown-land recreation.

The plan will determine the extent of widespread ATV use, public road access, park user fees, backcountry roads, heritage-site preservation, campsite regulation, and portage and nastawgan protection.

The group has distributed letter-writing suggestions and letter samples. A long sample presents a full vision.

"The longer and more specific the letter, the greater the impact it will have," said co-organizer Chris Melanson. "But all letters are vital."


                                      Short sample (PDF)

                                      Long sample (PDF)


            Presentations in Toronto

            Meeting held in Ottawa

            Canoe industry has vision for Temagami 

            Parks and recreation meetings set

            Elk Lake meeting turns ugly


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