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DECEMBER 23, 2005 

Keewaydin gets new director

Former camper and trip staff Bruce Ingersoll will become Keewaydin's director on June 1.

Ingersoll, 42, currently serves as a dean at a private school in Colorado. He will replace Doug Mosle who resigned in September, after three years.

Keewaydin is Canada's oldest youth camp. It moved to Temagami in 1902 from Maine and is the oldest private institution on Lake Temagami.

 BACKGROUND: Keewaydin Camp

DECEMBER 16, 2005 

A short history of freeze-up

These freeze-up dates have been recorded for Garden Island on Lake Temagami by Glen Toogood, island resident.

  2005 Dec. 13
  2004 Dec. 20
  2003 Dec. 15
  2002 Dec. 17

DECEMBER 15, 2005 

Ice building

Another inch of ice has accumulated on Lake Temagami in the last 24 hours. "That's a pretty standard rate this time of year," says Glen Toogood.

There is now a minimum of three inches around Garden Island where he lives.

"But just because you've got ice doesn't mean you can travel."

Toogood's mnemonic for ice travel:

  One inch No way
  Two inches One may
  Three inches Small groups play
  Four inches Okay

 His final test: "How bad do you want to get out?"

DECEMBER 14, 2005 

First trip on the ice

Brrrrr. It was minus 26 C last night, and no winds. Clear and sunny again, today.

I just came back this morning from the landing by sled at least, that's what we typically call a snowmachine. There is a good three to four inches of black ice.

Gerry Gooderham, Ogama Island, Lake Temagami

DECEMBER 13, 2005 


Gerry Gooderham had freeze-up at Ogama Island.

Glen Toogood reported the same at Garden Island, on the North Arm of Lake Temagami. It is one of the last places to freeze. "Last night at sundown it was all open water around the island. By sundown tonight there was two inches of ice all around the island."

GOODERHAM'S FREEZE-UP:  Photos and diary - Dec 13

SATELLITE INFRARED:  Tuesday, December 13

DECEMBER 13, 2005 

Last days of freeze-up from Ogama

Stunning photos by Gerry Gooderham.

GOODERHAM'S FREEZE-UP:  Photos and diary - Dec 12

DECEMBER 13, 2005 

Near total freeze-up revealed in satellite images

SATELLITE PHOTOS:  December 12 - Infrared

                                 December 12 - True colour

DECEMBER 10, 2005 

Staying put

GOODERHAM'S FREEZE-UP:  Photos and diary - Dec 10

DECEMBER 9, 2005 

Boat traffic dwindling

GOODERHAM'S FREEZE-UP:  Photos and diary - Dec 9

DECEMBER 9, 2005 

Hap Wilson signing books in New Liskeard

Hap Wilson will be signing his newest book The Cabin, his first non-travel book, at Chat Noir Books in New Liskeard, December 16 from 7 to 9 p.m.

BACKGROUND:  Hap Wilson's new book The Cabin 

DECEMBER 8, 2005 

Lake Temagami freeze-up, Part II

Okay, I was a wee bit off yesterday. The Mine Landing is tight, except for the fact the barge is keeping the ice broken until Friday.

The ice is thick, three inches, and it took me one hour to get to the landing today. We had a stiff west wind with a temperature of minus 6 C.

I intend to go back Friday, but I foresee that as my last boating to the landing this season.

The regular suspects were there trying to pick up families and lumber, and get barges out of the water. It was a jovial time with a few beers and smokes shared by all before we trekked home before dark. Dark is not a good time to be out on the lake breaking ice!

Gerry Gooderham, Ogama Island

DECEMBER 7, 2005 

Bays icing up on Lake Temagami

There was ice at the Mine Landing yesterday morning and it stretched almost entirely around Temagami island. Wind was calm, but a cold minus 16 C. It is likely many bays are now walkable, and the landing just might be solid by Thursday.

Gerry Gooderham, Ogama Island

PHOTOS:  Freeze-up December 7

DECEMBER 6, 2005 

Freeze-up begins

The shallow lakes have begun to freeze.

SATELLITE PHOTO:  Monday, December 5

DECEMBER 1, 2005 

Friends of Chiniguchi forms to protect and maintain the canoe area

Well known local canoeists have teamed up to form a group to protect and maintain the canoe routes of Chiniguchi.

Friends of Chiniguchi's first task is to wade into the stalled plan to create the Chiniguchi River Waterway Provincial Park. The park creation is stymied by mining leases covering Wolf Lake, in the middle of the park, and opposition from cottagers.

The group will assume the thunderbox construction and distribution project from the Sudbury Naturalists.

Founder Mike McIntosh has paddled the area for 10 years, but in the past four or five years saw use expand at an "explosive rate."

At first he thought of creating a group to be stewards. "When I first started paddling this area, we would regularly have to stop and clear windfall on portage trails, especially on the Laura Creek side, that saw little use. Now, the trails are well worn, and several campsites are showing signs of overuse."

He attended many local planning meetings with cottagers, industry, and MNR, and discovered there was no voice for canoeists or the park. "There were only numerous groups speaking out against the formation of a park with canoe routes as the main feature."

Today he sees the park threatened, heavy ATV use, mining, logging, heavy car-camping and upgrading of the Mackelcan Road to Wolf Lake.

  MAP:  Chiniguchi Park

  WEBSITE:  Friends of Chiniguchi

DECEMBER 1, 2005 

Illegal landfill on portage reaches second ministry

A complaint has been filed with the Ministry of Environment on the illegal landfill alongside an ancient nastawgan in the northern Chiniguchi area.

Ontario's Environmental Protection Act requires a Certificate of Approval for a landfill. The Ministry of Environment (MOE) enforces the act and issues approvals. None was issued for the dump on the nastawgan, a well travelled portage between Adelaide and Sawhorse lakes.

As the site is on Crown land, the MNR will be the lead agency in the investigation to identify and charge the guilty, according to Marc Donato of the MOE in Sudbury.

Not only is the dump an ecological and visual blight, but also a safety hazard to unsuspecting canoeists using the trail who may stumble upon bears scavenging for food.


            MNR says dump on portage illegal (map)

            Portage becomes landfill site (photo)


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