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JULY 18, 2006 

Time for public comment on park-and-rec plan

Ministry of Natural Resources is asking the public for comment on a number of issues on backcountry-park management and recreation on Crown lands.

The comment request is in preparation for finalizing management plans for parks, conservation reserves and Crown-land recreation in the Temagami land-use-plan district.

This is a critical stage in the plans, which will cover everything from ATVs in parks to the intended road crossing of the Pinetorch Conservation Reserve (at the end of the Red Squirrel Road), when the public may have some influence.

A mail-in responder ("workbook"), list of open-house dates and locations, and backgrounders are available at the Temagami Integrated Plan (TIP) website

 WEBSITE: Planning documents


            Parks and rec plan moving slowly

            Group calls for protection of traditional land uses

            Presentations in Toronto

            Meeting held in Ottawa

            Canoe industry has vision for Temagami 

            Parks and recreation meetings set

            Elk Lake meeting turns ugly

JULY 12, 2006 

New park on Chiniguchi River

A patch of green has been added to the map east of Lake Wanapitei, and it is called the Chiniguchi River Waterway Park.

No camping permits will be required this summer, but they will likely be required next year.

 FULL STORY & MAP:  Chiniguchi River Park

JULY 6, 2006 

New canoe route opened near Diamond Lake

In June, Nastawgan Network members explored and reopened the Misabi Lake route  a useful connector between Bob Lake and the popular Diamond-to-Wakimika route.

ROUTE & MAP:  Misabi Lake

Photo: mosquito-bite swelling closes eye

JULY 3, 2006 

That June bite

June's heat and sun and solitude in the backcountry can be seductive, but humans are not the only ones drawn out. Blackflies and mosquitoes, too, hear the siren song.

Like water and oil, the two don't mix well, sometimes with interesting effects, like the histamine reaction of this well-bitten canoeist recently on the Chiniguchi River.

She allowed her photo to be published on Ottertooth after her friend said, "No one will recognize you."


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