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NOVEMBER 24, 2008

Small lakes freeze

Winter appears to be bearing down. The temperature hasn't been above freezing since November 15 and the small, shallower lakes and some medium-sized ones Sucker Gut, Willow Island have relented to the force of nature, and frozen over.

Some of the shallow sections and sheltered bays of the larger lakes are also frozen upper basin of Lady Evelyn Lake, south end of Obabika Lake. There are plenty of ice floes forming on the holdouts.

Cover photo: Trails and Tribulations by Hap Wilson

NOVEMBER 21, 2008

Hap's memoir set for spring release

Hap Wilson's newest book is set to go to press this spring. Like Cabin, his last book, it is a memoir of life along the trail. He writes that "you can't survive without first learning how to 'live' in the wilderness."

Trails and Tribulations: Confessions of a Wilderness Pathfinder is co-illustrated with his partner Ingrid Zschogner.

  BACKGROUND: Hap Wilson 

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NOVEMBER 8, 2008

Bear Island politics reaches YouTube

Videos of the ongoing protest against the June 12 Bear Island elections and supporting new elections are posted on YouTube.

Video producer Virginia Hope, a student in North Bay, made the five videos because she found it "hard to get information."

"It is my way of staying in touch."


Help with context: In one scene a frustrated Chief Gary Potts is talking to a woman partially off-screen, the day after the third election on October 26. The newly elected council and chief, which Potts and the June 12 council (from the original election) do not recognize, are inside council offices conducting business. The woman is an OPP officer who appears to be blocking Potts entrance to council offices, and says she is only there to maintain the peace and not take sides. In fact, Potts is blocked from entry by other members of the Temagami First Nation, unseen on the video. The people did not remove them.

  VIDEOS:    A people's protest

                   Democracy at work

(Gary Potts allegedly removing election notices after a new election is approved at a community meeting.)

                   Protest continued

                   Election corruption


Photo: election protest at Temagami First Nation, 2008

NOVEMBER 4, 2008

Elections challenged on Bear Island

Three elections on Bear Island and each challenged. Who is chief: Gary Potts or Roxane Ayotte?

Protesters camped outside the Temagami First Nation offices on October 14 after a community meeting voted for a new election. Twenty-one days later the "community fire" continues to burn.

It began with the first election on June 12 that brought Gary Potts back to power in a tie vote that was settled by a coin toss. But four or five voters were denied ballots by the elections officer. The election was immediately challenged and two subsequent runoffs, which elected Ayotte, were ignored by the June 12 council.

Now it will be settled in court.

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NOVEMBER 3, 2008

Lost route re-opens in Chiniguchi: Marjorie Lake

The resurrection of nastawgan continues with the re-opening of a lost route off Wolf Lake in Chiniguchi.

  MAP: Marjorie Lake route



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