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Lake Temagami froze over last night.

After Monday's (Dec.15) warm spell, rising to 6 C, the temperature dropped below freezing and stayed there, never rising above minus 6.

The call on freeze-up was made from today's views through clouds on two satellite images from different satellites passing over at different times. Lake Temagami is our standard bearer for the call. Glen Toogood, our official observer in past years, no longer lives on the lake.

In the area, the only holdouts and the usual ones appear to be Ottawa River and Lake Wanapitei.


Historic Dates

  2008 Dec.18


  2006 Dec.16
  2005 Dec.13
  2004 Dec.20
  2003 Dec.15*
  2002 Dec.17

* There were record-setting open areas over New Year's Day during the winter of 2003-04, but most areas were frozen, and there was ice travel on the lakes. Our official observer at Garden Island was iced in on December 15, and stayed that way, so the date wasn't revised.

SATELLITE IMAGE: Post-freeze: December 20

DECEMBER 16, 2008

Rain and warmth stall freeze-up

Temperatures went haywire, jumped above freezing, and it rained.

  SATELLITE IMAGE: December 16

DECEMBER 14, 2008

A hoary Ishpatina

Two wintry photos of Ontario's highest point.

  PHOTOS: The mountain and the tower.

DECEMBER 10, 2008  10:00 P.M.

Ice travel dicey

No ice changes today. Cold ( minus 21 C) with 12 centimetres of snow last night.  Let's make it clear: the ice travel is very dicey.

I was on two inches (in my snow machine), and less, of ice. Philips Bay at Temagami Island is dangerous with lots of slush and an inch of shitty ice in places.

Just cause I'm crazy enough to do it doesn't mean every one should be. If you can't do it at 90 mph...don't!

Gerry Gooderham, Ogama Island

DECEMBER 10, 2008

Just the deepest left

Only the deepest lakes and the Ottawa River remain and it rarely entirely freezes over.


DECEMBER 10, 2008

Hub of Lake Temagami freezes

Yesterday, the ice between Bear Island and the landing froze enough to support snow machine traffic.

On Monday, Gerry and Sue Gooderham took a boat to the landing from Ogama Island, between Bear and Temagami islands. They broke an inch and a half of ice all the way. The temperature was minus 25 C.

After more low temperatures last night, Gooderham estimates that 75 per cent of the lake is frozen today and he wasn't far off, as this image shows.

Photo: otters came up onto the ice with a ling and a pickerel (walleye) off Ogama Island, Lake Temagami, 2008.
Photo: otter on the ice with fish off Ogama Island, Lake Temagami, 2008.

December 8 Two playful otters came up onto the ice, with a ling and a pickerel (walleye), in the wake of  Gooderham's boat off Ogama Island, Lake Temagami.


  DECEMBER 8, 2008

Big lakes accelerate

Freeze-up on big lakes picking up speed.


DECEMBER 8, 2008

Freeze-up continues

More of Lady Evelyn, Obabika, Temagami, Rabbit and Anima Nipissing lakes have visibly closed in this excellent image from the satellite.


Photo: snow on trees on Ogama Island, Lake Temagami

December 7 Ogama Island, Lake Temagami


 DECEMBER 6, 2008

Lake Temagami freezing

Yesterday Obabika Inlet, and most of the Southwest Arm and Cross Lake froze.

DECEMBER 4, 2008

Freeze-up spreads

Freeze-up began over 11 days ago in the smallest lakes and is spreading. Full story and satellite image


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