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A provocative series on the 2003 disappearance of two Labrador canoeists.

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Peake reports: What is known

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Recovery on the summit

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2009 Fall 138


 Seasoned paddlers defy time and doctors on Coppermine River – Protecting and developing Arctic archaeological sites – Through the heart of Ungava – Walter Walker: The master canoe builder – Travels of a PakCanoe – Solo at 50 on the Hayes River aborted by cancer – Beverly and Qamanirjuaq caribou herds – Proposed Keeyask dam on Nelson River – Banning the international trade of polar bears – Marine conservation area for the east gate to Northwest Passage – International polar bear conservation agreement signed – Ungava travel passes to a new generation – Book reviews: Arctic Inspired: A Tribute to the Tundra edited by Tim Irwin – The Writings of David Thompson, Volume 1 edited by William E. Moreau – Quetico: Near to Nature's Heart by Jon Nelson – Video review: Headless Valley/The Pan-American Highway

  Summer 137


Digitizing old photos – McPhayden River expedition in Labrador – A boy becomes a man in a canoe – Damming Quebec's Romaine River – Threatened Beverly caribou herd of the Barrens – Search for Franklin's long-lost ships in the Northwest Passage – Back River on the heritage river list? – Cruise ships on the rise in Nunavik – Commercial shipping on the rise in the Northwest Passage – Is the Peary caribou herd still endangered? – A summer without a paddle
  Spring 136


Filmmakers and partners Bill Mason and Christopher Chapman – Kuujjua River expedition – R.M. Patterson news – MP Justin Trudeau on changes in Navigable Waters Protection Act – Plan for 1,200-kilometre road between Manitoba and Rankin Inlet – Cambridge's polar archives – Northern Quebec's inland seals may be listed endangered – Progress on Northwest Passage's research centre – Grizzlies return to Manitoba? – Digital revival of old material – Book reviews: Trails and Tribulations: Confessions of a Wilderness Pathfinder by Hap Wilson – As affecting the fate of my late husband by Lady Jane Franklin – The Dangerous River by R.M. Patterson – Lands Serene by Peter Kazaks – Video review: Headless Valley/The Pan-American Highway
  Winter 135


Massive Beverly Caribou Herd appears to be in precipitous decline – Expedition from Minnesota to Cumberland House, Saskatchewan – Alex Hall's urgent letter on Nunavut's Beverly Caribou Herd decline and responses in opposition to the Garry Lake mining project – Rupert River diversion dam constructed – SPOT Satellite Messenger saves stranded canoeist in Northern Quebec – Quebec's Cree and miners work on agreements for development – Cultural gap in reactions to Inuit cull of 500 ice-trapped narwhal – Disagreement between scientists and Inuit on the polar bears – The perp who illegally cut down Fraser's bronze cross was a Che-Mun reader – Book reviews: Wild Rivers of the Yukon's Peel Watershed by Juri Peepre and Sarah Locke – Race to the Polar Sea by Ken McGoogan – How Peary Reached the Pole by Kaplan et al.
2008 Fall 134


Memorial to Blair Fraser cut down in Algonquin Park – Lake Superior's Pukaskwa National Park – Solo expedition down George River by Philip Schubert – Quebec's George River protection ends  hydro-dam plans – Canadian Canoe Museum held first Beaver Club gala – Search for Franklin expedition ships – First bowhead whale legally caught by Inuit of Nunavik in over 50 years – Tourists evacuated from Auyuittuq National Park due to flash-flood threat – Record number of cruise ships in Canada's Eastern Arctic – Canadian Forces will keeping flying Twin Otters in Arctic – Canada and Nunvavut reach agreement on wildlife protection – The illegal removal of the bronze cross honouring Blair Fraser was a callous act – Book reviews: The Old Way North: Following the Oberholtzer-Magee Expedition by David Pelly – A Woman's Way Through Unknown Labrador by Mina Benson Hubbard
  Summer 133


centre spread

Rupert River on Hydro-Quebec's death list with photo spread – Last descent of the Eastmain River – Lindbergh's 1931 flight across northern Canada – Inuit oral history of Franklin expedition – Nunavik's park in Richmond Gulf – Forthcoming documentary on Franklin expedition – New Nunavik nickel mine – Nunavik's Inuit step into uranium exploration – Push to expand Tursujuq provincial park near Richmond Gulf – Two teenagers complete Eric Severeid's 1930 route in 49 days – Woods Canada gets new owners – Editor: Don't ever take whatever you love to do for granted. Fate won't. – Book reviews: The Lost Canoe: A Labrador Adventure by Lawrence W. Coady – Lands Forlorn by George Douglas – Paddle Your Own Kayak by Gary and Joanie McGuffin – Paddling Partners: Fifty Years of Northern Canoe Travel by Bruce and Carol Hodgins
Spring 132


Lands Forlorn classic of the 1911 Douglas-Sandberg expedition to the Coppermine River is reprinted – Inuit approve uranium mining in Nunavut – A book and an art exhibition delve into our canoe heritage – Secret topo-map FTP site – Study finds bear spray better than a gun – In praise of search and rescue – Saskatchewan First Nation building a hydro dam – Arctic film delayed – Whaling station in Kekerten Park will be visitor centre – Crees and Quebec sign another agreement – Prospecting permits issued for Queen Maud bird sanctuary – Memories of winter – HACC returns to Pukaskwa – Book reviews: Nahanni Journals: R. M. Patterson by Richard C. Davis – Bill Mason Wilderness Artist by Ken Buck – All Things are Possible by Phil Peterson – Explorer's Guide to Algonquin Park by Michael Runtz – The Return of Caribou to Ungava by Bergerud
  Winter 131


Trans Arctic Expedition – Keele River Expedition – Letters on Alex Hall's reputation, closing of Canoe Frontier outfitters – Who killed thousands of Inuit sled dogs 50 years ago? – Trek across Victoria Island – Scientists core ice at Pingualuit (Chubb) Crater – Plans move forward on Bathurst Inlet port and road – Protecting Nunavut caribou herd – 1000 issues in post-Nickels Che-Mun – Morse River – Alex Hall – Book reviews: Measuring Mother Earth by Heather Robertson – Beneath My Feet by Phil Jenkins – Arctic Spectacles by Russell A. Potter – Blue Spruce Journals by Stewart Coffin – Mapping a Continent by Raumonde Litalien
2007 Fall 130


Following David Thompson's Trail – The Little Partridge Canoe Route: Gateway to the Kazan River – Letters on Seth Wotten's solo expedition, Mecatina, and Barrenland Bob – New Northwest Territories megapark – Nunavut cuts size of polar bear hunt – Investigation into alleged RCMP slaughter of sled dogs in 50's and 60's – Nunvavik to get greater autonomy – Documentation of Inuit dislocation in 50's and 60's – Kayaking expedition along the Northwest Passage – Labrador Inuit concern over radioactive waste from uranium mining – Comments on HACC newbie and a trip to the Canadian Canoe Museum – Book reviews: Emperor of the North by James Raffan – The Northern Horizons of Guy Blanchet by Gwyneth Hoyle – Wilderness Ontario by Gary and Joannie McGuffin – Voyageur by Robert Twigger
  Summer 129


Quebec's Petite Mecatina River – Expedition down the Prince River – Words from well-known paddlers: Jon Berger on his Canoe Atlas of the Little North; Alex Hall on Barrenland Bob; David Pelly on rejection of drilling on the upper Thelon River. CBC reports paddlers left hanging by Tundra Tom – Research in crater lake Pingualuit – Makivik's Arctic cruise ship – DEW Line cleanup – Bathurst Inlet port and road – Total sun eclipse over Nunvavut in '08 – Discovering Amundsen's Inuk descendants – Relentless northern development – Book reviews: The Keewaydin Way by Brian Back – Moving Waters by Sam Cook – Capturing the French River by Wayne Kelly – The Lure of Faraway Places by Herb Pohl
Spring 128


Twin Otters – Seth Wotten resumes cross-continent solo – Words from well-known paddlers: Letter from John Lentz on impending mining in the Thelon Wildlife Sanctuary; David Pelly's new book project; praise from Stewart Coffin – French tourism in Nunavut – Nunavut files court action on federal inaction on 1993 land-claim implementation – Tabled territorial legislation would boost Inuit languages – Nunavut outfitter guidelines sought – Rangers patrol high Arctic – Dog race in Baffin Island – Is Nunavut ready for mining boom? – Extreme heat up north this summer – New mining an issue for Nunavik – Hide-Away Canoe Club summer plans – The new full-colour Che-Mun – A sneak peek at The Canoe Atlas of the Little North – Book reviews: Canoe Atlas of the Little North by Jon Berger and Tom Terry; Quetico and Beyond by Kevin Callan; Lure of the Labrador Wild by Dillon Wallace – Lake Temagami youth camps going strong after a century – Hide-Away Canoe Club will follow routes of David Thompson and Eric Morse this summer
  Winter 127


Solo down the swollen George River - almost – Online PDFs of historic canoe books – Korok River park planned – Artists on the George River – The antics of Barrenland Bob - a bad news outfitter – Trans-Arctic Canoe Expedition review – Inuktituk Old Testament – Davis Strait polar bears – Killer whales increase in the Arctic – New Anglican church in Salluit – New 70-mile mining road northwest of Baker Lake – Winter road to Nunavut and NWT diamond mines – Impending mining in the Thelon Wildlife Sanctuary – Trans-arctic snowmobile expedition for climate and snow research
2006 Fall 126


Centre Spread


Rupert River diversion begins (with map) – Broadback River trip journal and photos by Lester Kovac centre spread – Letters from Tim Farr on Che-Mun back issues, and from Andrew Hall and Kully Minderman on the growing notoriety of "Barrenland Bob" – Nunavik deal with Canada – Searching for Arctic ice – Inuit on Belcher Islands fear Rupert diversion – Hydropower corrupts – Book review: Terra Nostra: The Stories Behind Canada's Maps by Jeffrey S. Murray – Canada nearly ceased publication of paper topographical maps
  Summer 125


Remembering Herb Pohl: News story on the Lake Superior drowning – Battles with Barrenland Bob & Co – A father returns with his son to Killarney, 30 years later – Letter from Paul Chivers on saving the historic La Vase portages – Cliff Jacobson's disastrous encounter with Canada Customs – Changing circumstances in the warming Arctic – Empty fuel drums in Nunavut communities – Homeless police in Umiujaq – Interplanetary exploration teams use Haughton Crater for Mars simulations – PLS over GPS in the Arctic – Peake family loses yet another member, Bev – Book review: The Arctic Voyages of Martin Frobisher by Robert McGhee
Spring 124


Cliff Jacobson paddles the chilly Snake River, Yukon – Che-Mun Index Outfits 38-120 Part II – Photo of Jeff Traversy sitting in George Douglas' Lands Forlorn cabin in 2005 – Book reviews: Ten Rivers by Ed Struzik; Being Caribou by Karsten Heuer – Letters from Alan Kesselheim, Blair Richardson, Bill Layman and Jeff Traversy
  Winter 123


Lake of the Woods to Coppermine in 122 days by the Marshall brothers – Che-Mun Index Outfits 38-120 Part I – Reviews: Three Rivers (Yukon); Killarney & the French River by Kevin Callan – Reprint reviews: True North by Elliott Merrick; Sleeping Island by P.G. Downes; A Death on the Barrens by George Grinnell – Letters from Philip Schubert and Kjarton Bergsvaag – Canadian Canoe Museum's Open Letter on the 1976 Lake Timiskaming Tragedy
2005 Fall 122



George Douglas 1911 – Naskaupi River Journal 2005 by Philip Schubert – Down a Dead Man's River (1966 down the Dubawnt) by Charlie Mahler – Reviews: The Woman Who Mapped Labrador by Buchanan et al, Common Plants of Nunavut by Mallory and Aiken – Map of current Hydro-Quebec dams and diversions
  Summer 121


50/100 years in story and photos: Churchill River trip of 1955, Hubbard-Wallace expeditions of 1905 – James Raffan on George Simpson's grave – George Drought's exploding Back River stove – To Ungava By George (River) – Borealis Paddling Expedition on the Barrens – Wollaston Lake To Chantrey Inlet – Reviews: Every Trail Has a Story by Henderson, Paddling & Hiking Ontario's Southern Shield Country by Kas Stone – Notes from Bill Layman and Lynda Holland's Barren trip on Hanbury-Thelon rivers – Crees selling out their "sacred" homeland – Canadian icebreaker to measure Arctic climate change – Economic impact of the polar bear sport hunt
Spring 120


Canada By Land trip report – Across the Continental Divide in Mackenzie's track by Duncan Thomson – Lost Labrador canoeists' canoe found on Korok River with photos – Reivews: Bloody Falls of the Coppermine by McKay Jenkins, The Happy Camper by Kevin Callan — Obits: James Houston and Andy Brown – Photo essay: The mystery of George Simpson's Mt. Royal grave – Saskatchewan Centennial Canoe Quest – Trademark issue over Inuit qimmik







Yellowknife to the mouth of the Coppermine River – Family trip on Teslin and Yukon rivers – Letters on Naskaupi River and Elliott Merrick – Legacy of Inuit sled-dog slaughter – Increase in Inuit polar-bear quotas – Environmental assessment funding for groups on Eastmain 1-A dam and Rupert River diversion projects – Meadowbank gold mine project in the Barrens – Editor's Loss of a father – Reviews: No Man's River by Farley Mowat – Paddling the Boreal Forest by Finkelstein and Stone – Rendezvous with the Wild Edited by James Raffan – Photo by A.P. Low in Ungava Bay
2004 Summer 117 Closure in the Torngats – Risk and Responsibility response in Torngat – Chasing the voyageur on the 'old' Methye Portage – Trials and tribulations in seeking expedition sponsorship – Cruise ships in the Arctic – Film on Arctic explorer Rasmussen – Editor's loss of a spouse –  In Memorium of Maggie McNair Peake – Reviews: From Reindeer to Eskimo Point by Kazaks – Up the Creek by McKown – Bark Canoes by John Jennings – A Canoeist's Sketchbook by Robert Kimber – Books by Callan
  Spring 116 Payne River expedition – Source of the Norse in Ungava – Letters from George Douglas' niece – Che-Mun accolade – Torngat followup letters: Cliff Jacobson, Alan Kesselheim – Wipper receives Order of Ontario; Scots head across Canada; Layman-Holland expedition to the Barrens; Hunt for Franklin's ships; Dispute over Arctic island's sovereignty; Nunavik buys search and rescue equipment – Reviews: The Dene Elders Project by Holland and Kkailther; CD Canoesongs – Lust in the Barrens
Winter 115 Hubbard Memorial Canoe Expedition into Labrador – Labrador Tragedy: Letters with Big Tribe Observations – Essay: Recognition and responsibility –

Canadian Canoe Museum suspends operations – Scots head across Canada – Nunvaut film production – NWT tourism – Hudson's Bay Quest dog-sled race – Reviews: The Man Who Mapped the Arctic by Peter Steele; Nunavik by Henrik Wittenborn; Ancient Mariner by Ken McGoogan

2003 Fall 114 Excerpt: My Black Spruce Journals by Stewart Coffin – Labrador Tragedy: canoeists' fate a mystery – Recognition and responsibility – Photo captures Robert Service at real Door of Death – Duke Watson on Low's travels – Some upcoming reports – Labrador Inuit aboriginal settlement – Ungava Bay canoe death – Pingualuit (Chubb) Crater in northern Quebec to become park – Canoeists on Hudson Bay rescued twice – Rupert River diversion project –

Review: Discovering Eden by Alex Hall – Photos: J.B. Tyrrell's Dubawnt River and Swedish canoes

Summer 113 Excerpt: Discovering Eden by Alex Hall – Rupert R.I.P? – Mackenzie Valley: Opponents to proponents – Pauzι and Barnes to Labrador – Michaud on Payne River – Stewart Coffin's book – Nahanni battle – North Pole Web cam – Diamond hunting on Melville Peninsula – Iqaluit-Goose Bay flights – An Inuit on Everest – Rats in the Aleutians – A summer without a canoe adventure –

Videos: George Drought's Jewel of Ontario: The Petawawa; Les Stroud's Stranded – Book: Laurel Archer's Northern Saskatchewan Canoe Trips – Photos: Robert Service in his birchbark canoe; Carey Lake on the Dubawnt

  Spring 112 Excerpt: Five Northern Rivers by Bert Horwood – Acquiring some National Archives of Canada photos – Gangbars and juvenile-arthritis-fundraising trip – Jim Abel's summer plans – 2003 online canoe expeditions – Aboriginal art purchase by Canada Council – Muskox harvest cancelled – Bathurst Inlet port project – Lamenting no trip this summer for Hide-Away Canoe Club – More of Canada's Best Canoe Routes by Alister Thomas; Kevin Callan's  Paddler's Guides; The Forgotten Skills video by Cliff Jacobson
  Winter 111 Expedition: Following A.P. Low in northern Quebec – Canoeing Symposium – Tides of Ungava – Nunavik – Arctic climate change – Death of some great paddlers – Cold Burial by Clive Powell-Williams; Lost Lands, Forgotten Stories by Alexandra Pratt; In the Footsteps of Grey Owl by McGuffins; Horizontal Everest by Jerry Kobalenko
2002 Autumn 110 Expedition: Cruising the Quoich River, Nunavut – Backpacking in Auyuittuq National Park on Baffin Island – Beluga whale hunt – – Payne Lake Project – Move to – Annual HACC dinner – 17th Annual Maine Canoe Symposium – Authors John Rugge and Jim Davidson – Reivews: Barrow to Boothia by William Barr with Ft Confidence historic photos; 20 Years of Canoe Camping North of 60 by Clayton Klein
  Summer 109  Rainy River memories, a 1953 trip report – French River photos of Old Voyageur Channel – Deep Waters review with original Timiskaming photos – Book reviews: Canoeing a Continent, Canoeing the Churchill, The Canoe – Rupert River news
  Spring 108 John Lentz trip report on the Horton River – Max Finkelstein excerpt: “Why the Heck Indeed? – Northern Quebec power deals – Reviews: Ontario’s Lost Canoe Routes, Hood River & Back River tripping videos 

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