Pipestone River (from Pipestone Bridge) - Paseminon River - North Caribou Lake - Weagamow Lake - Tyrell's Portage Route (Eyapamikama Lake, Schade River, Terrible Tyrell's Portage, Makoop Lake, Mishwamakan River River, Bug River) - Big Trout Lake - Fawn River - Severn River - Ft. Severn

Left to right, back row: Dan Carpenter Jr. (staffman), Chris Gardiner, Ben Wishart (assistant), David Lamarche, Tim Woods, Bill Seeley, Fred Porter (guide). Front row: Bill Davis, Rob "Larry Won" Goldberg, Hal Pratt, Steve Tibbits, Pete Foote. Dog: Atik, Hudson (left outside of photo).




"This was my Bay Trip. I got stuck in the pit on Terrible Tyrell's Portage and had to float my wannigan to dry land before continuing.  That mud is like quick set concrete. [For a description of Tyrell's, check out Fawn-Severn Rivers by A in '94.]

The airport was in town [Ft. Severn] then, where the reservoir is now.  We portaged all the gear over from the Hudson Bay Post (which was still in the small red-roofed building on the bluff it must have occupied for a century or so) on the morning of August 9th through snow flurries.  We also had snow flurries on July 4th.  Danny will try to deny it, but its true.  If he missed it was because he was having a last nip with the factor.  The only other memorable event was that a cow moose stormed through our kitchen area after we tried to ride her across a wide, lake-ish portion of the Schade River.  No damage was done but we got what we deserved.

We were short one so a Scottish sea kayaker, Ben Wishart, scheduled to work at camp was sent along as our 10th.

                Bill Seeley, 9/16/99

Sleep Walker

Chris was my tent mate and he used to sleep walk. One night he grabbed my arm in the middle of the night. When I asked him what he was doing he said, "Give me back my bannock!" Luckily he was saving it for later.

Another night he sat bolt upright (I was still up reading by candlelight). We were camped on the Nekikamog River just before Makoop Lake and had feasted on walleye for dinner. He said, "Shhhhh! Larry's out there" (Larry being Rob Goldberg). 

I mentioned that I didn't think so. 

Chris responded, "Larry's out there. He's in the bushes with knife."

I assured him that was false. So he poked his head out his side of the tent and looked around (a spy has an advantage in a Woods tent apparently -- panoptic surveillance). He, having satisfied his curiosity lay back down and said, "I guess your right." And was promptly snoring.

            Bill Seeley, 12/12/99

Wolf Pack

In 1983, we followed a mother and two pups all afternoon, above the confluence of the Otter and Fawn. The wind was in our faces (as always en route to The Bay). This is north of  the shield, so the river meanders. We would round the bend and there they would all be, playing on a gravel spit. That evening, while camped across from the gravesite at a large active, but empty, Cree camp at the confluence, we were treated to a chorus of wolves howling out our presence to the world.

           Bill Seeley, 12/23/99

Quick Wit Saves Our Hides

I remember Bill saving our hides with his quick wit at Ft. Severn. We had challenged the local team to softball out on the dusty airstrip. We fielded first, with (I believe) Tim Woods pitching and Bill catching. A strapping brave lead off at the plate, promptly rocketing the first two pitches into foul territory. His third swing was equally powerful, but he whiffed magnificently. A dark scowl clouded the batter's face and quickly spread to his teammates. The batter stood determined at the plate, refusing to step down. Bill quickly surveyed the scene and shouted, "No strikeouts in this game!"

            Bill Davis, 2/13/00

Moose Antlers

Bill Davis found moose antlers. He and Danny were warbly with them riding above the gunwales. So, one particularly warbly rapids Danny suggested that Bill swim, rather than let the canoe flip (I guess they were practicing a high brace of sorts). Danny refused to carry them any further. Chris Gardiner and I were the first on the scene where it was discarded. I won a coin toss and carried them home.

I also swam because of it. I was demonstrating that one could surf the Fawn on a particularly swift stretch just below the abandoned village at the Little Otter River. I hung my left five a little too hard and the scoop caught the river, bucking the canoe and sending me in from my perch atop the wannigans. It wasn't clear to me whether Danny was entertained or not.

             Bill Seeley, 9/17/00


The dog's name was Atik, which I believe meant deer, as in caribou, in Cree. As I remember it, this was the dog's name when I got it at Fort Severn.

             Fred Porter, 9/19/00

            D. Lamarche

Hudson (above)

Though not pictured in the group photo, I brought back a five-week old puppy from Fort Severn. The Cree lad who was offering the puppy, whom I cleverly named Hudson, wanted $20, but settled for a slightly-used pair of black Chuck Taylor hightops. Hudson survived nearly fifteen years of plush suburban living, and his ashes were interred in the waters at the end of the Keewaydin dock during a moving ceremony in the summer of 2000.

             David Lamarche, 12/22/01






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