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                                                                                                 Photo: John Lehrman

Section home in Temagami at the end of the season. Left to right, back row: Dimitri de Boer, Mike Ketchel (staffman), Koben Christianson, Tommy Carr, Sam Schuerch, Brandon Powell, John Lehrman (guide). Front row: Jesse Freese, Dave Himes, Rob Horsburgh, Ed Johnson,  Andy Bonnes. 




Rain, Rain

It was the rainiest summer on record with only three days on trip when it did not rain and they were cold and clear days. The water was running high making rapids running good but nervy in full clothes and gear.

        John Lehrman, 9/9/00

Swiss Connection

We attempted running Five Mile Rapids on the Otoskwin and had two capsized boats: mine, and Koben and Ed's. We managed to rescue all but the effort involved so wore me out I was convinced to quit smoking cigarettes next season. Koben's friend from Switzerland, Sam, had never set foot in a canoe so I took him with me. Not only was the canoe foreign but all the terminology and camping methods as well. He was game though, and learned so quickly that by the end of the season he was an accomplished Keewaydin alumnus.

       John Lehrman, 9/9/00

Church at Lansdowne

At our re-outfit at Lansdowne House Tommy Carr convinced some of us to go to church. We walked through driving sheets of rain to sit in the dry cozy interior of Father Gilles church. Gilles made us all read at the podium and had picked readings significant to our traveling situation. After the mass, performed in Ojibwa, the native language, Father Gilles invited the section to his home where we spent the day enjoying his pleasant company. For dinner he prepared a wonderful feast of moose meat. His generosity is something I will long remember. 

I would visit him in later years and listen to his wry Northwoods humor and dirty jokes. He had spent a lifetime in the bush, knew the native language and was a crusty man respected by the locals.

       John Lehrman, 9/9/00



        Mike Ketchel    John Lehrman


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