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                                                                                                            Photo: Joe Malcoun/Keewaydin

Section at base camp at season's end. Left to right, back row: John Lehrman (guide), George de Brigard, Eric Dietrich, Gordon Carr, Ashton Powell, Mike Ketchel (staffman), Joe Malcoun. Front row: Tim Nicholson, Matt McKean, Ben Pomeroy, Dave Ries, Bart Scott.



Bad Bow Boys

That summer we worked. We were always moving and always going. We would have a couple of rest days in the settlements for softball, but when we left the diamond we had long, tough days. The weather was not always cooperative either. I remember people making up names for what the "B" stood for in Section B: bad-ass, bitch, ballsy…  We enjoyed anything to break up the effort and no one provided more to that end than Matt and Ben. 

The two of them paddled in the staff bows. The staff usually paddled next to each other and you would hear the constant murmur of the staff discussions perforated with the cackle of Matt and Ben constantly laughing. They referred to what we thought of as dull staff conversation as "back of the boat talk."

I recall the two of them orchestrating an impromptu rodeo one evening. Matt made himself chaps for his legs (out of I'm not sure what) and proceeded to use his tumpline as a lasso to give us lessons in hog-tying.   

Ben, for the price of some bannock, once spent an entire day in a life jacket, which was far too small for him, and a plastic bag as a makeshift hat. 

Once, on a very cold, wet day, we were paddling along having normal discussion. In a blur of movement Matt stood up in the bow of his canoe and leaped overboard into the lake, rain suit and all.

I would doubt that the trip would be as much fun as it was without the antics of the those two.

        Tim Nicholson, 4/25/00

Mike Ketchel and Matt McKean


Photo: John Lehrman


             Tim Nicholson     Mike Ketchel     John Lehrman    Joe Malcoun


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