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Same route as B '94.

Left to right, back row: Mike Ketchel (staffman), Phil Varty, Rutsen Eagle, Lyle Witchley, Marc Lechner, Jimmy Carr, Jon Connors, Dana Shonk (guide). Front row: Inigo Mendizabal, Richard Eide,  Peter Nestor, Bear Witherspoon.



Inigo and the Pox

He was a great camper who had flown over from Spain for the summer.

About a week and a half into the trip Inigo developed a rash all over his back. The best that I could figure it was some type of contact dermatitis or allergy. I started giving him antihistamines to treat a possible allergic reaction. At this point, we were on the Winisk about two days from Webequie. When we got to Webequie we had the nurses give Inigo a once over. They determined that Inigo had contracted chicken pox, most likely on the flight from Spain (chicken pox has a two week incubation time). They told me that he would need at least a week of rest.

Boy, what a problem.

Luckily, John and I had developed a relationship with Father Gilles at Lansdowne House. We were headed for Lansdowne house via an exploratory route through Fishbasket Lake. We decided to fly Inigo to Lansdowne House where Father Gilles agreed to board him in the church dorm. Poor Inigo, who barely spoke English, was quite concerned about having to spend over a week by himself in an Indian settlement that he had never seen. Luckily Father Gilles is an incredibly gentle and caring person. He housed and fed Inigo for eight days. He even set Inigo up with oatmeal baths twice daily to help drain the pox. 

Inigo loved his stay in Lansdowne House. Inigo and Father Gilles still correspond to this day! We had trouble convincing him that he was well enough to go back on trip, but I was really looking forward to having a bowman again after a week of paddling upstream solo!

            Mike Ketchel, 7/12/00


        Mike Ketchel


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