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MAY 25, 2008

Most endangered wilderness 2008

Three wilderness areas win a dark distinction: they are endangered. And with a common threat: logging.

Friends of Temagami list Wolf Lake, Spirit Forest abutting Spirit Rock, and Lake Evelyn Lake's northern basin as Temagami's most endangered.

The Wolf Lake old-growth forest is a forest reserve slated for merger with the Chiniguchi River Waterway Park. However, mining leases underlie the area and the mining industry wants the reserve designation rescinded. This would clear the way for unfettered mining activity, but would also open it to logging of the ancient old growth.

  BACKGROUND:  Wolf Lake old growth

                         Wolf Lake old growth defence launched

Spirit Forest, which abuts Spirit Rock a rock monolith that is a traditional sacred site to Temagami First Nation is slated for logging. A previous attempt to cut it (then known as block 30) was protested by a Temagami elder and environmental groups between 2001 and 2003.

  BACKGROUND: Logging map

                        Logging postponed

The northern side of the Lady Evelyn Lake's upper basin quietly slipped from roadless wilderness into a 230-square-kilometre clearcut. Logging will continue to expand the cut to the shore of Lady Evelyn Lake and close to Maple Mountain.

  BACKGROUND: Giant clearcut and Maple Mountain

                        Logging to shoreline of Lady Evelyn

This list, the third annual, has morphed from endangered canoe routes into endangered wilderness. Friends of Temagami merged last year with Nastawgan Network, which previously compiled the list. The listing contributed to last year's rescue from logging of the Reuben-Louise canoe route, southwest of Rabbit Lake.

Friends of Temagami's website contains more information on the areas and the threats, as well as action than can be taken to help save them.

    EXTERNAL LINK: Friends of Temagami


Wolf Lake: ecosystem in peril



MAY 13, 2008

Fishing regs change

If you're dropping a line in the water, update yourself on the changes.

DOCUMENTS: MNR press release  (DOC)

                      Zone 11 fishing regs (PDF)

EXTERNAL LINK: Ontario's fishing regs 2008

MAY 8, 2008

Backcountry maintenance expands

The canoe-route and campsite maintenance program is expanding this year to cover Crown land, the land outside of parks.

The program will be built around an expansion of the backcountry park-warden program, which had been limited to the parks. Parks is in the process of hiring four more staff two interior wardens and two Crown land rangers. Three two-person crews will travel the area, largely by canoe. 

Ontario Parks and the North Bay district of Ministry of Natural Resources are jointly managing the program. They are forming a partnership with local groups that will contribute experience, knowledge and clean-up power. Youth camps, the municipality, Temagami First Nation, Friends of Temagami, and outfitters have been invited. The Association of Youth Camps on the Temagami Lakes, whose members invested sweat in the networks for over a hundred years, joined.

The additional wardens and rangers, funded by the district, will also patrol for legal infractions, and camping permits in the parks.

The expanded patrol area of Crown land will be bounded by Hwy 11, Lady Evelyn Lake, Lady Evelyn-Smoothwater Park, Sturgeon River, and Lake Temagami (Zone 1 in TIP).

Park patrols extend to parks that are beyond this area. Park wardens  may patrol the Temagami River and Chiniguchi River parks, where camping permits are not currently required.

The enlarged program was finalized in last year's Temagami's Integrated Plan (TIP).

  EXTERNAL LINK: Temagami Integrated Plan

  BACKGROUND: Backcountry Parks Guide

                         Backcountry maintenance expands  

Photo: first swim of 2008, April 24, Lake Temagami

                                                                                                                                                                     SARAH FLOTTEN


MAY 1, 2008

First swim - brrr!

What could be more exhilarating than a dunk on April 24 while there is still ice on Temagami Bay. The bravest, and the silliest, are Ursula Kilbridge (left) and Catherine Lowery leaping from the Temagami Canoe Company dock in the town of Temagami. Sarah Flotten joined them after taking the photo.



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