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JANUARY 29, 2010

Upper Sturgeon area map project launched

Today Ottertooth launches its project to map the upper Sturgeon River area in a series of three interactive maps. The maps will stretch from Ishpatina south to Yorston Lake and include the upper Sturgeon River and Solace lakes.

The maps will link to the Chiniguchi maps, which cover the entire Chiniguchi, or Temagami West, area.

  FIRST MAP:   Upper Yorston area

  SECOND MAP:   Solace area

  MAP TRILOGY:   Ishpatina canoe routes

                          Trek overland to the summit

JANUARY 21, 2010

Ice travel still treacherous on Lake Temagami

  AIRCRAFT PHOTOS:   January 21

JANUARY 20, 2010

Whole view of freeze-up on Lake Temagami

  SATELLITE IMAGE:   January 20 

JANUARY 18, 2010

Freeze-up? Yes. Travel safe? No.

Lake Temagami likely froze over on January 13, but the weather did not finish the job, and ice travel remains unsafe. FULL STORY



Photo: salvage of snowmobile under ice of Lake Temagami

Photo: salvage of snowmobile under ice of Lake Temagami

JANUARY 13, 2010 — It went down on Christmas Eve and came back this morning. Jason Pigeau (right,  lower photo) drove around the southeast corner of Bear Island and went for a "swim." A rare, freeze-up "La Nina" reversed ice-up in places around the lake and caught this unsuspecting rider and his machine. Fortunately, he jumped safely to solid ice. George and Tom (left) Mathias did the salvage.  


JANUARY 12, 2010

More ice

  SATELLITE IMAGE:   January 12

  AIRCRAFT PHOTOS:   January 6  January 12

JANUARY 12, 2010

MNR rejects Sturgeon River logging bridge

Ontario's Minister of Natural Resources rejected the logging industry's push for a bridge over the heart of the Sturgeon River and through a park into the Solace Wildlands. 

"The decision not to consider an additional crossing," Minister Donna Cansfield wrote in a letter, "was made because alternative routes utitlizing existing primary roads east of the park provide access to the harvest areas associated with the Sudbury Forest."

The letter, dated January 4, is a response to letters from the public on the issue.

Vermilion Forest Management of Sudbury, the timber license holder, had not seen the letter when Ottertooth called and would not comment.

The company has been pressing for two years for the bridge on behalf of its shareholder Gervais Forest Products of Falconbridge.

The bridge would have crossed the Sturgeon River Waterway Park, Vermilion's biggest obstacle in obtaining the province's permission.

The Sturgeon is one of the last wild rivers in central Ontario.

"There was lots of opposition to the proposed crossing," said Kevin Pinkerton, superintendent of Temagami parks, and "consistent opposition to cutting in the Solace Wildlands."

The minister's decision does not protect the wildlands.

  BACKGROUND & MAPS:   Pressure mounts to bridge the Sturgeon River

JANUARY 11, 2010

Georgia-Pacfic buying Grant Forest

Forestry giant Georgia-Pacific plans to purchase Grant Forest Products of Englehart, currently under bankruptcy protection.

Grant is one of North America's most efficient producers of high-tech panelboard and logs poplar in Temagami. Georgia-Pacific of Atlanta, long known to be interested in Grant, announced today its intention to buy the Englehart mill and its two sister mills in South Carolina.

Grant got into financial trouble when it was hit by two dragons — the rise in the Canadian dollar and the bust in the US housing market — just as it aggressively expanded mill capacity in the US.

Grant has assets exceeding a billion dollars and Georgia-Pacific will acquire them at a bargain-basement price of $400 million. If it gets Canadian regulatory approval, it hopes to close the deal in the first half of 2010.

  BACKGROUND:   Forest giant coming to Temagami? 

JANUARY 10, 2010

Wind eases and ice expands on Lake Temagami

  SATELLITE IMAGE:   January 10

JANUARY 9, 2010

Flaky ice remains a danger on Lake Temagami

  SATELLITE IMAGE:   January 9  

JANUARY 8, 2010

Double view of Lake Temagami's open water

  SATELLITE IMAGE:   January 7  

JANUARY 6, 2010

Rare event turns LakeTemagami ice dangerous

To travel on the ice of Lake Temagami is to feel like a mouse being chased by a wolf.

“It went from six to eight inches of ice to nothing overnight, and I went for a swim,” says Jason Pigeau of Keewaydin Camp. MORE

Photo: new Chief and Council of Temagami First Nation, 2010

Chief and Council at the Bear Island recreation centre. Left to right: Annette Polson, Doug McKenzie Sr., Chief Roxane Ayotte, Second Chief John McKenzie, Alan Marquette. Absent Thomas Friday Sr.


JANUARY 5, 2010

New TFN chiefs take office

Ending 18 months of political instability, the new chiefs of the Temagami First Nation took office yesterday and held the first open council meeting since May 2008.

Second Chief John McKenzie said, "We're returning to our long-standing open-meetings policy." Meetings will be announced in advance, they will be open and minutes will be available.

Another old policy of council will be restored: settlement negotiations. These had been suspended by the last chief, Gary Potts.

Potts fought to remain as chief, but after widespread protests, an impeachment, a judge's ruling against him, overwhelming loss in an election and failed election appeals, he had nowhere to go, but out.


  Ayotte affirmed chief as elders dismiss election appeals            

   Bear Island under shadow over unresolved election

JANUARY 4, 2010

Freeze-up Watch: Brush away the clouds. Does this look familiar?

  SATELLITE IMAGE:   January 4

JANUARY 2, 2010

Freeze-up Watch: 2010 starts without freeze-up

  SATELLITE IMAGE:   January 2



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