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DECEMBER 26, 2004

Temagami freeze-up complete

This pre-Christmas satellite photo shows freeze-up now covers Temagami and ice travel has begun for the winter.

  SATELLITE PHOTO: December 24

DECEMBER 21, 2004

Hub of Lake Temagami freezes

Gerry Gooderham reports that the Hub of Lake Temagami froze-up yesterday.

On Sunday the ice was two to four inches thick and he was able to sled from Ogama Island to the landing by four p.m. through blizzard conditions that dropped six inches of snow. Yesterday his thermometer hit minus 40 C.

  PHOTOS: December 20

DECEMBER 21, 2004

The last boat run

On Friday, December 17, Gerry Gooderham made one last water trip to get his boats out of the water before the Hub of Lake Temagami froze-up. It was 18 C.

He almost didn't make it. "The lake starts to freeze in front of me, but high winds prevail."

  PHOTOS: Last boat run

DECEMBER 19, 2004

Freeze-up progresses

  SATELLITE PHOTO: December 17

DECEMBER 16, 2004

Freeze-up watch, Hub of Lake Temagami

There is still boat travel, but it is tough going.

  PHOTOS: December 15

DECEMBER 15, 2004

Freeze-up progesses to large lakes

In this satellite image from yesterday, small- and medium-sized lakes are frozen and Lake Temagami is freezing over.

  SATELLITE PHOTO: December 14

DECEMBER 7, 2004

Freeze-up start seen from space

In this satellite image, smaller, shallower lakes can be seen freezing or frozen over.


DECEMBER 3, 2004

Space view, December 1

In this satellite image, there is snow on the ground, but little visible freezing on the lakes.


Photo: Queen's University student Stephanie Chong (right) making a presentation to Alex Mathias in Kingston.

Queen's University student Stephanie Chong (right) making a presentation to Alex Mathias in Kingston.

                                                                                  GUY PAQUETTE

DECEMBER 2, 2004

Mathias tour attendance 1,200 in southern Ontario

Despite some bad weather, Temagami First Nation elder Alex Mathias spoke to 1,200 in eight southern Ontario cities Hamilton, Burlington, Waterloo, Guelph, London, Peterborough, Kingston and Ottawa discussing his struggle to save his ancestral land and the destructive logging across Temagami.

Mathias is the last Temagami aboriginal living off the reserve on ancestral family land. He is also one of the last Ojibway speakers of the Teme-Augama dialect.

Generous and affable, he has become almost a folk figure among backcountry travellers who drop by his remote Obabika Lake home.


He was accompanied by tour impresario Ed MacPherson, a moderator on the Ottertooth forum.

After two weeks on the road, Mathias is looking forward to returning home to the bush. "Over two weeks is a stretch for me."

BACKGROUND & MAP: Alex Mathias


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