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JANUARY 24, 2007                                                                

Diesel spilled into Boatline Bay

On November 30, diesel fuel spilled into Boatline Bay on Lake Temagami when a overflow valve failed during re-fueling of an excavator belonging to Temagami Barge Limited.

Biff Lowery of Temagami Barge says they immediately built an earth trench around the spill at the company's landing (formerly known as Milne's Landing), but not before an estimated three to five litres entered the lake. A total of 20 litres of fuel were estimated by the company to have spilled (based on the length of time the pump was unattended) and 11 litres were recovered from the pool. The rest was absorbed in the ground. The contaminated soil was excavated and removed by a hauler licensed for hazardous material.

It was a windy day and most of the fuel blew onto the southwest shore of the bay and to the docks of the Boatline Bay marina. Ken Reeder of the marina reported the spill to the Ministry of Environment. He says the smell hung in the air for three to four days.

The ice in the bay froze that evening of the spill, trapping the fuel under it. A brief thaw several days later allowed Lowery to place absorbent mats on the water to capture floating fuel.

Brent Trach of the Ministry of Environment says this accident will be investigated to see if charges over how it was handled will be laid under the Environmental Protection Act. Other agencies including Transport Canada and the Technical Standards and Safety Authority could take their own actions.

Trach has received a number of calls from concerned cottagers. "It doesn't take much to create quite a sheen," he says, "but I don't think there will be measurable impact."

"I have done everything I can until spring," says Lowery, "and I will continue to do everything I can."

JANUARY 16, 2007                                                                

Freeze-up for a second time

In the wake of three consecutive overnight lows of minus 22 C, Lake Temagami froze over last night, Monday, January 15, for the second time this winter.

   SATELLITE PHOTO:  January 16  

JANUARY 14, 2007                                                                

Ice cover nearly complete

Continued low temperatures have been building the ice cover. Only the large lakes had open areas yesterday.

 SATELLITE PHOTO:  January 13 

JANUARY 11, 2007

Ice continues to build

Low temperatures continue freeze-up, round two.

 PHOTOS:  January 11

JANUARY 10, 2007                                                                

Low temps, ice return again

Temperatures slipped just below freezing on January 7, chasing out the warm spell ushered in on New Year's Day. Yesterday's daytime high hit minus 2.4 C, and today's high was minus 14 C, bringing back ice.


JANUARY 10, 2007                                                                        UPDATED: JAN 11

Parks and rec meetings head for Toronto, Ottawa

The recently released draft of the parks-and-recreation plan (TIP) will be the subject of open houses in Toronto and Ottawa this month.

The Ministry of Natural Resources is finalizing an integrated management plan (TIP) for parks, conservation reserves and Crown-land recreation in the Temagami land-use-plan district.

The meetings are sponsored by Earthroots, Nastawgan Network, Wildlands League, Canadian Parks and Wilderness Society Ottawa and Wilderness Canoe Association.


Toronto: Thursday, January 25, 7:00-10:00 p.m.

             Metro Hall, Rooms 308/309, 55 John St.

                                (just south of King St. W.)   

Ottawa: Wednesday, January 24, 7:00-10:00 p.m.

              YMCA, Georgian Room, 180 Argyle St.


            Parks and rec plan released

            Time for public comment on park-and-rec plan           

            Parks and rec plan moving slowly

            Group calls for protection of traditional land uses

            Presentations in Toronto

            Meeting held in Ottawa

            Canoe industry has vision for Temagami 

            Parks and recreation meetings set

            Elk Lake meeting turns ugly 

JANUARY 10, 2007

Park fees rise

MNR is increasing backcountry overnight-camping fees for Ontario's parks, for which the burden in Temagami will be mostly borne by canoeists, and will likely be a drag on tourism.

The fee will increase by a dollar a night for adults (seniors and persons with disabilities will see smaller increases). The youth fee will remain unchanged. A family of four will now pay $125 in fees for a five-day camping trip.

  Adult overnight-camping fee per night:

  Park 2006


  Temagami backcountry 7.50


  Algonquin* 9.00


  Quetico* 13.00


  Wabakimi* 7.50


 * Residents of Canada

There remains no fee for non-summer campers, motorboaters, ATVers, snowmobilers, day campers and other day use.

Chiniguchi Park will not have fees this summer.

Camping fees in Temagami backcountry parks began in 2004. This is the first fee increase, planned for last year, but postponed.

  Temagami Fees 2007    





Ontario persons with disabilities



4.00 2.00

18 and over

8.50 6.75 4.25

Backcountry parks with fees:

Lady-Evelyn Smoothwater Wilderness

Obabika River

Sturgeon River

Sturgeon River Addition



MAP:  Backcountry parks

     BACKGROUND: Backcountry Parks Guide

    WEBSITE: MNR's new parks fees

JANUARY 5, 2007

Warm weather wreaks havoc on ice

New Year's Day ushered temperatures above freezing and rain. Ice conditions have deteriorated and open water has re-appeared on Lake Temagami.

 PHOTOS:  Everlasting freeze-up 


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