May 2013

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MAY 21, 2013
Best satellite images of Temagami

Better resolution than Google. Better than Bing (for very eastern Temagami). Yeah, not as fast. Yet hands down, the sharpest: Centre for Community Mapping.


Photo: freezing rain on Lake Temagami

Photo: Daniel Trask search

MAY 9, 2013
Paddle with purpose for Daniel Trask

With spring's arrival, Daniel Trask's family is beginning a new search season for the man missing since November 2011. It is asking everyone to "Paddle with Purpose" in the Diamond Lake area where his clothing was found in the spring of 2012.

There are no new leads, but the family continues the search. It has been given access to a cabin on Diamond and will extend the OPP's 800-metre search from the clothing discovery site out to five



Links to an updated information flyer and the search thread are below. The family needs everyone's help.

 DOCUMENT:  Daniel Trask flyer

 BACKGROUND:  Family without answers

Trask clothing found

Trask's whereabouts a mystery

Search for man missing four weeks

 FORUM:  Search thread


MAY 8, 2013
Break-up watch: ice-out today

The last ice went out on Lake Temagami, our benchmark for the region. More...

 PHOTO:  May 8


MAY 7, 2013
Break-up watch: last ice on Lake Temagami



MAY 7, 2013
Video: endangered Wolf Lake old growth

Today Keewaydin Camp launched a time-lapse video on Facebook, and invited Premier Wynne to join it on a canoe trip to Wolf Lake, threatened home to the world’s largest old-growth red-pine forest.

Advocates are hoping that the new premier will breathe life into the deadlocked conversation over providing full protection for one of Sudbury’s top eco-tourism destinations. The government of Ontario promised to protect Wolf Lake in 1999, but last year mining leases, owned by Calgary-based Flag Resources, surrounding Wolf Lake were renewed for 21 years.

The video features breath-taking time-lapse photography shot at Wolf Lake last summer by Christoph Benfey, Joel Sjaarda, and Rob Nelson.

We are hoping that Premier Wynne will join the dialogue about Wolf Lake to help us find a resolution that protects this world-class destination,” said Bob Olajos of the Wolf Lake Coalition.

Every summer thousands camp at Wolf Lake. Outfitters, guides, lodges, camps, restaurants, and motels depend on the boost from tourism and recreational spending.

A group of eight Temagami-area camps alone infuses over $3.5 million into the economy each year, while providing leadership development, healing, and educational experiences to approximately 700 youth.

Our campers have enjoyed Wolf Lake for over a hundred years, bringing stable, renewable economic activity to Ontario,” said Bruce Ingersoll, director of Keewaydin on Lake Temagami.  “We’d like to continue doing that for another hundred years.  This area should be permanently protected so that our grandchildren can enjoy it as we have.”  

Ancient red pine forests were once widespread, but now are estimated to cover only 1.2% of their former range.

  VIDEO:  Wolf Lake in time lapse


MAY 5, 2013
Break-up watch: photos



MAY 4, 2013
Break-up watch: photos



MAY 3, 2013
Break-up watch: photos



MAY 2, 2013
Break-up watch: steady progress

Small- and medium-sized lakes south of Lake Temagami are open. The Northeast Arm of Lake Temagami is ready to open. There shrinking areas of black ice on lakes Nipissing and Wanapitei.



MAY 1, 2013
Break-up watch: big changes

There is now open water on small areas of lakes Nipissing, Timiskaming and Temagami. Lake Wanapitei is down to black ice. This is rapid progress and should continue with the warm temperatures forecast for the rest of the week along with shifting winds.




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